America’s new legislator could compel each Republican in Congress to take Trumpian reality test

It’s uncommon when one’s last name so definitely comports with the genuine substance of one’s head, yet Tommy Tuberville is an uncommon flying creature to be sure.

Congressperson choose Tuberville, who will before long give Sen. Ron Johnson a run for his cash with regards to holding the title of America’s most moronic congressperson, doesn’t have the foggiest idea what the three parts of government are, however that degree of derpitude can commonly be washed away from the public cognizance with some all around coordinated banner bumping, as any individual who’s noticed Donald Trump doubtlessly knows.

Be that as it may, this? This could be an issue for Yertle and his group come January 6, when Congress meets to tally Joe Biden’s affected take of 306 constituent votes and Donald Trump’s unimportant 232 (that is an avalanche, as we as a whole recall from four years of tenacious ass-bawling).

The January 6 meeting is truly a custom, however some Trumpian dead-enders are intending to raise as much residue as possible. They’re driven by Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks, who intends to challenge the political race in the House. Furthermore, he’ll need at any rate one representative to go along with him to constrain a vote.

That infers that Tuberville might be ready to join Brooks’ impractical offer to switch the political decision results.

Spoiler alert: The political decision results will stay as they may be. Yet, what could follow is a messy wreck wherein each Republican in Congress is compelled to either proclaim their fealty to Trump or be discovered needing in the colorless, furious, rheumy eyes of our destined to-be-86’d pr*sident.

Also, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who is in all likelihood more brilliant than Tuberville (aren’t we as a whole?), doesn’t need that to occur.

McConnell and each imperceptibly rational Republican realizes that driving a vote would be horrible for essentially every Republican in Congress, as they’d be constrained to pick among the real world and Trump, and on the off chance that they settle on the truth, that is a decision their constituents basically won’t stand.

However, Tuberville? On the off chance that anybody is adequately silly to fall into this fuming tar pit, it’s this person.

Then, since the House (which is constrained by Democrats) would need to formally support an inversion of the political decision results for this to go anyplace, the possibility that this aides Trump is essentially zero. Yet, Tuberville would win the interminable fondness of a 74-year-old intermediary president who eats Big Macs like Tic Tacs.