WWE Issues Statement On John Oliver's 'Last Week Tonight' Segment

John Oliver slams Vince Mc Mahon and the WWE in a scathing segment

John Oliver slams Vince Mc Mahon and the WWE in a scathing segment

If you have 23 minutes to spare on Monday and you're a WWE fan - or even if you just follow professional wrestling casually, or if you're just a human being who doesn't care about it - you should use them to watch this segment from John Oliver.

He played many clips from retired wrestlers who have worked under McMahon.

Given that startling data, Oliver sought to turn Last Week Tonight's scorching beam on WWE and how it treats its wrestlers.

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"While the character Vince is an asshole, it's important to know that the real Vince is also an asshole", Oliver bluntly said.

If you aren't up to speed on Oliver's segment about the WWE, the comedian used his show to point out the alarming number of wrestlers who have died relatively young, including Eddie Guerrero, Randy "Macho Man" Savage and "King Kong" Bundy. Although talent is exclusively signed to the WWE, the company does not provide comprehensive health insurance or retirement funding.

John Oliver did note that the WWE has implemented some changes over the past few years, like banning chair shots to the head and adopting a concussion protocol, but argued that these "underwhelming" steps aren't enough. Its "talent wellness program" now includes "annual physical examinations", though Oliver pointed out that "that's just nothing".

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Oliver, a long-time wrestling fan, ripped WWE and Vince McMahon for how they have treated their wrestlers.

"There have actually been multiple GoFundMe campaigns to cover medical and funeral expenses for wrestlers, which fans have stepped up for". "And when you've lost the moral high ground to the fucking National Football League, you're morally subterranean". As Oliver sees it, there's only one hope for wrestlers to get the support they need: The fans.

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