Xiaomi reveals 100-watt charging and it destroys the next best solution

Xiaomi teases new 100W charger that fills up 4000m Ah battery in 17 mins

Xiaomi's new 100W charging tech will fully charge your phone in just 17 minutes

The Xiaomi smartphone on the test bench has a 4000 mAh battery, whereas the Oppo smartphone has a 3500 mAh battery with Super VOOC fast charging technology.

Most fast chargers take between an hour and two hours to fill a phone's battery, and SuperVOOC can do the job in just over 30 minutes.

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Fast charging is a must have feature in today's phones.

This is almost twice as fast as the SuperVOOC from OPPO, which is now the fastest charging technology available in the market for smartphones. Be it OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition, Mate 20 Pro's 40W SuperCharge or Oppo's 50W SuperVOOC, we've got faster and faster as the months have passed. Now, another Chinese player, Xiaomi, wants to topple all of them with the fastest wired charging on any smartphone. To show its superiority, the 100W charger running at 20V/5A is pit against OPPO's 50W solution. However, once ready, we expect it to debut on a future flagship device.

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Set to be announced tomorrow in China, the new charging tech will be marketed as "Super Charge Turbo" and will subsequently become the world's fastest flash charging technology.

In a side by side comparison with OPPO's SuperVOOC charging, by the time Xiaomi's device had finished charging to 100%, OPPO's SuperVOOC only managed to charge up to 65%.

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According to Gizmochina, Lu revealed that Redmi phones will be the first to benefit from Xiaomi's Super Charge Turbo battery tech, however he didn't offer a timeline for their availability. At present, Xiaomi phones use Qualcomm's Quick Charge for fast charging.

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