What you need to know before deciding whether to watch ‘Captain Marvel’

'Captain Marvel' is an aimless superhero slog

‘Captain Marvel’ review: Marvelously fun film introduces a tough, smart superhero

Brie Larson will also serve as an executive producer for the upcoming spy drama, giving her more creative power over the project. "It's hard to say whether that's a flaw in Brie Larson's performance or a failure of the script, but I came out of the film from writers/directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck not caring all that much about her beyond what her dazzling powers might mean for the next Avengers film, which is perhaps the lamest way of all to experience these movies". It's a refreshing return to the origin story formula that allows Carol to gleefully occupy the same spaces that the MCU has previously reserved exclusively for men. Interestingly, the outlet also points out that this movie will also have the widest IMAX opening of all time, hitting 1,360 screens globally. With a soundtrack packed full of vintage '90s earworms and a delightfully unselfconscious sense of humor, Captain Marvel pulls off a satisfying introduction to the hero who may be our Avengers: Endgame trump card.

"It isn't possible to make an excellent Captain Marvel movie, one that can actually fulfill the hopes and dreams of women everywhere. Why?" Not every Marvel movie has been a slam dunk, he notes, and Captain Marvel is a capable and fun movie that does a great job of establishing a new hero: "That said, it took three "Thor" films for Chris Hemsworth's thunder god to find his groove".

The movie is based on the Marvel Comics character Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel), played by Brie Larson.

'Captain Marvel' is an aimless superhero slog

In terms of the action and visual effects, Captain Marvel delivers everything audiences expect and more, starting with the absolutely astonishing work involved in making Samuel L. Jackson look 25 years younger. Mendelsohn, again, is a hoot as Talos - a genuinely unexpected shift from numerous villains he's played in recent films - while Jude Law offers a slick, authoritative but charming turn as Yon-Rogg, the teacher trying not to be obliterated by his student.

Part of the problem ("problem") with Captain Marvel is that people were angry that she had a "feminist agenda", I guess by just ... being a woman and existing, so the fact that the movie isn't really that heavy-handed on that message should have appealed to people, but apparently, they're also mad it wasn't more of an agenda. Everything she's been told is wrong!

"Time Travel. No I don't time travel".

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Captain Marvel marks the 21st addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is an origin story unlike any other.

"It was a game changer for me because I'd read the comics, and Carol's fierceness and her wit, and also - despite her being cocky - her humbleness too", Larson said. Incredibly, it's also the first Marvel superhero film to be directed by a woman. Before Carol, he had never met someone with superpowers and questioned the existence of outside worlds. Other cast members include Samuel L. Jackson, Lashana Lynch, Annette Bening and Gemma Chan.

"Yeah, I think that would just be, it would just be cool to see all of them interact together". Her essence is very grounded but fierce, and the delivery of a monologue that comes just when Carol needs it most brought tears to my eyes. The CGI transformation is so convincing that even if you remember well what they looked like at the time, it's easy to forget the lives that he and Clark Gregg as a wet-behind-the-ears Agent Coulson have led in the intervening decades. She spent a few years associated with the group until she was kidnapped, brainwashed, impregnated, and taken to an alternate dimension by the supervillain Marcus.

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And the last act ... you probably won't see coming. (I told you nobody's ever having any fun way out there in Superhero Galaxy Land.) A covert mission to rescue a Kree operative from the clutches of the Skrulls sets off a chain of events that literally propel Vers to the California of the mid-1990s. Goose is the real MVP and I need him in every MCU film from now on.

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