Tucker Carlson Defended Statutory Rape As Recently As 2015

Los Angeles California. Carlson is not apologizing after audio featuring misogynistic remarks made on The Bubba the Love Sponge Show

Tucker Carlson Sparks Controversy With Past Comments About Women, Cult Leader Warren Jeffs And Underage G...

Sunday night Media Matters, the liberal watchdog group, posted old excerpts from a radio show the Fox News staple used to call up.

Fox News Host Tucker Carlson is in hot water once again, this time not for his sexist rant and other sexist off-color comments, but for Tucker Carlson's racist comments about Iraqis, Afghans, the Congressional Black Caucus, former President Barack Obama, and immigrants. "Misogynistic and perverted" is how Media Matters describes them, but Carlson is unapologetic.

Carlson, who defended his track record in a tweet, said he wouldn't give the "usual ritual contrition" after his previous comments about women surfaced.

Carlson's also encouraged people to tune into his show "if you want to know what I think". "If you're talking to a feminist, and she's given you, 'Well, men really need to be more sensitive, ' [say] no, actually, men don't need to be more sensitive. It's these lunatic Muslims who are behaving like animals, and I'm going to kill as many of them as I can if you elect me.' If a Democrat were to say that, he would be elected king, OK?"

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson belittled recent reports that he sexualized young girls and dismissed the idea of "statutory rape" being child molestation. He later adds that, "The rapist, in this case, has made a lifelong commitment to live and take care of the person, so it is a little different".

"First, Fox News is behind us as they have been since the very first day", he said.

"Well, look, he's never said anything like that to me or around me", Waltz said.

That's not even covering his comments about TV host Alexis Stewart, who he calls "cunty"; his calling Britney Spears and Paris Hilton the "biggest white whores in America"; his remarks that journalist Contessa Brewer is "saucy and cute"; and his claim that Hillary Clinton is "anti-penis". I, I don't use that word because I love for Tucker Carlson tonight on MSNBC I girl that comes across kind of contact, but she does, I mean I heard her, I mean, I know I'm a Brent Fan, so, okay.

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"I am not defending underage marriage at all", Carlson was recorded saying.

"Tucker Carlson is a unsafe misogynist". What do you mean in accessory? "Because they hate weakness".

"If there were a Democrat to come out in the 2008 election and say, 'You know what the problem is?" I mean, I'm not trying to fag out on you or nothing, but I like you.

The audio quickly went viral, and the backlash was swift as many condemned Carlson for his views. There are plenty of companies that make money off of Tucker and his show and if you feel passionately about his bad words, it's worth thinking twice about supporting them.

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