Tesla's New V3 Superchargers Add Up to 1600 km Per Hour

A row of new Tesla superchargers are seen outside of the Tesla Factory

A row of new Tesla superchargers are seen outside of the Tesla Factory

Tesla explains "we anticipate the typical charging time at a V3 Supercharger will drop to around 15 minutes". When drivers navigate to a Supercharger, the vehicle will begin to warm the battery to an optimal level, thus resulting in less time spent charging. A new 1MW power cabinet with a similar design to our utility-scale products supports peak rates of up to 250kW per vehicle. It has plans to bump up the charge rates at more than 12,000 V2 Superchargers from 125kW to 145kW in coming weeks.

Tesla has also developed a new feature to help reduce charging times for Model 3 owners.

The new V3 Supercharger standard represents a step change improvement in charging capabilities.

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And though no commercially available battery now has the capacity, Tesla says the new Superchargers can theoretically restore 1,000 miles of range in an hour. 145 kW is the charging rate of a current shared pair of Tesla's Superchargers, so the fix seems to be a simple software unlocking of the max speed of a single vehicle charging on a shared pair.

The first V3 Supercharger site that's not a test version will break ground next month. The Model Y SUV, due to be revealed next week, will likely also be able to use the system because it shares technical elements with the Model 3 saloon.

The push will take Tesla's network to delivering 250 kilowatts, up from 120 kw as more fast-charging infrastructure is built. It will be initially available only to Model 3 owners, with Tesla planning software upgrades for the Model S and Model X in order to increase their charging rates as well.

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For now, Tesla has opened the one public beta V3 Supercharger in Fremont, California. Although the Tesla blog post says the technology will start rolling out in the fourth quarter of 2019 throughout Asia Pacific, specific Australian timing hasn't been confirmed.

Also new in a firmware update (2019.7.11) for Model 3 owners is "Summon with Key Fob", which lets owners "move your Model 3 in and out of a parking space from outside the vehicle using a paired key fob".

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