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Captain Marvel 'Changed My Life' Claims Star Brie Larson

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That's why Carol can fly so fast at the end of Captain Marvel; her powers come from this Infinity Stone. But still, it's cool to get our first look at her with the rest of the gang. Before taking on the title Captain Marvel, Carol used several different aliases, including Binary, Warbird, and her original moniker, Ms. Marvel (currently being used by Kamala Khan). Behind all her superpowers, though, is a need to prove herself and her abilities.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Captain Marvel and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. "Carol gets back up because 'Fuck you'".

Captain Marvel takes it for granted that women can be tough and take charge. During his mission, Yon-Rogg attempted to assassinate Mar-Vell, but ended up killing Dr. Walter Lawson instead. She was the Security Chief of a restricted, military base (NASA) and officer in the Air Force. Your basic superhero origin story!

Moreover, World's Megan Basham blasted "Captain Marvel" for its "girl-power pandering" and What She Said's Ann Brody described the movie as "dark and empty". Captain Marvel spends the entire movie trying to figure out her true identity in what nearly amounts to a superhero version of "Memento" - and we still don't really know who she is by the end of the movie. In 2012, Carol Danvers was given a costume update (by the wonderful Jamie McKelvie) for her solo comic relaunch and officially took the Captain Marvel name. However, it would have been nice to see more of their friendship during Carol's past on Earth.

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Captain Marvel could find love onscreen later, however.

As a hotshot pilot, Carol has always been a badass.

The film was incredible, the young reporter answered, adding she loved that Larson was playing an "empowering female" role model. Let's break it down!

Larson, in an interview in Singapore, had told that the film gave her a bigger platform to talk about feminism, a cause close to her heart. She can also manipulate molecules, no big deal. Not only can she fly and shoot fireballs from her hands, but she also absorbs energy from others.

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That's all the stranger given Law's Voice of the Patriarchy speech to her as they spar.

Judging by future projects, the studio already seems to be banking on female heroes for its post Avengers: End Game rollout, hiring director Cate Shortland to helm a long-rumoured standalone movie for Scarlett Johansson's character Black Widow, which includes a script from Jac Schaeffer, one of the women on the writing team for Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel isn't groundbreaking cinema, but it's energetic, nostalgic and amusing. Look, you're going to see this movie because it's a Marvel film and it deserves your money and time. According to Kevin Feige, she will be "by far" the most powerful superhero in the MCU. "For us, what Anna and Ryan have done so spectacularly well in all of their movies, albeit on a much smaller scale than they're about to do, is create a singular character journey". And I certainly wasn't bored like this during the much weirder superheroine movie Border, which shares an very bad lot of themes with Captain Marvel. Samuel L. Jackson is good in the role, but the most notable thing about his performance is that he is 70 years old and through the magic of make-up and editing he is playing a man in his 40s.

Captain Marvel is cool as hell.

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"I remember loving the Wonder Woman show with Lynda Carter, I loved The Wonder Twins cartoon, and I remember that what we had was good, but it's so nice to have what we have now", she says. Captain Marvel has a practical supersuit. Notice how Iron Man, Ant-Man, and Hawkeye aren't included in this scene, so they may be doing something else.

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