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Google Chrome To Add Support For Nintendo Switch Controller

Nintendo And Sony Shares Drop Following Google's Stadia Reveal

Above all, it has the capability of streaming all your games regardless of the machine you are running hence eliminating the need of buying a console.

That figure, according to Google executive Phil Harrison, who spoke to IGN after the announcement, is 30 megabits per second. It will allow players to stream their games onto almost any screen, ranging from phones and tablets to tvs and laptops. It will also come with its own optional controller, which connects via WiFi, or gamers can use their own controllers.

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Some industry experts are sceptical about how well the platform will function as few details - save for Doom Eternal having been revealed as one of the first titles on the platform and that it will be released in "the US, Canada, the United Kingdom and much of Europe" later in 2019 - have been revealed by the company.

Google Stadia is the search giant's latest venture, which lets users play high-end AAA games on a smartphone, tablet, notebook, Chromebook, and an entry-level laptop.

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Will cross-platform play be available in every game?

The controller comes with a dedicated screenshot button and a Google Assistant button for one-touch access, and the overall design looks refreshing compared to a standard gaming controller. However, the game which will support up to 4K resolution, HDR and 60 fps gameplay does not have a confirmed launch date yet. The state can then be shared as a link that will allow other players to pick up from that exact moment. By following the link, and players will be able to experience the same part of a game they just watched their favorite YouTuber play. Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

With that said, Harrison was quick to point out that there will "obviously" be a title that will release "only" on Stadia. Stadia price, as well as the number of games the service would feature at launch, has not also been disclosed. The CEO, Sundar Pichai revealed Stadia at a special keynote, at the Google maiden appearance at GDC.

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