Pakistan's High Commissioner to India returns to his post in New Delhi

Pakistan's big statement: Detained 121 terrorists, took control of 182 madrasas

China Claims Credit for Helping Defuse India-Pakistan Tensions

Pakistan began a crackdown against militant groups this week amid growing global pressure in the wake of a bombing in Indian-controlled Kashmir by a militant group based in Pakistan.

Two intruding IAF jets were later downed by Pakistan and a pilot was captured.

His article came days after Pakistan, under vast global pressure after the Pulwama terror attack and India's air strikes against a JeM terrorist camp in Balakot in Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province on February 26, started taking actions against some of the terrorist outfits and their leaders over the past few days.

"It has demonstrated our firm resolve to take decisive action against cross border terrorism", he said.

Speaking on the sidelines of the annual National People's Congress legislative meetings, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi declared on Friday that India and Pakistan should "meet each other halfway" to defuse the crisis, portraying Beijing's role as a balancing act between its nuclear-armed neighbors, the South China Morning Post (SCMP) reports.

Pentagon warns of 'grave consequences' should Turkey buy Russian missile system
The comments come as part of this week's back-and-forth between Ankara and Washington on the issue. Erdogan said: "The S-400 is a done deal, there can be no turning back".

"This government will not allow Pakistan's land to be used for any kind of outside terrorism", Khan said today while addressing a public rally in southern Pakistan. It also says it shut a number of facilities and froze assets of several outlawed organizations.

India said Saturday (March 9) that its army is on a "strict vigil" for new attacks from Pakistan and renewed warnings to its neighbour to take concrete action against militant groups.

He also said Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan had asked India to send evidence it has against any individuals.

"India hasn't shared yet any actionable information and proof against anybody", he added.

Meanwhile Pakistani officials maintain the crackdown is part of a long-planned drive and not a response to Indian anger.

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A conviction could result in the company being banned from bidding on federal projects for 10 years, potentially endangering as many as 9,000 jobs.

New Delhi has presented extensive testimony by American officials to the US Congress in which they assured lawmakers that Washington has a "very enhanced end-use monitoring program" of Pakistan's F-16s, which has always been a symbol of pride and machismo for the Pakistan Air Force, even though it is now largely outdated.

India claimed it targeted a JEM training camp, but Pakistan denies it, adding that it does not harbor any terrorist groups.

But Khan said there was a huge desire to build a peaceful and stable Pakistan.

Islamabad responded by shooting down two Indian warplanes and capturing a pilot, who was later returned to India as a peace gesture. Islamabad now bears the responsibility to end terrorism, the official said and warned that "India will carry out retaliatory counter-terrorism operation like the one on February 26, deep inside Pakistan, anytime there is an act of terrorism coming from across the border".

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The president is a noted fan of unhealthy comfort food, defying doctors' orders to lose weight and also boasting about how little exercise he does.

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