Oculus unveils the Rift S VR headset with higher-res OLED displays

Oculus Rift S shuns external sensors in favour of inside-out tracking

The Oculus Rift S is a decent step up from the Oculus Rift

Last year Oculus previewed an updated stand-alone headset called the Quest that shares some of the technology found in the Rift S. The Quest is also expected to be released before the summer.

First up, the display has had a serious upgrade; it boasts an improved overall resolution of 2460 x 1440, equating to 1280 x 1440 per eye, which should provide a sharper, clearer experience when playing wonderful Oculus Rift games and help make text more readable in VR - one of the main complaints of first-gen headsets, alongside SDE (screen door effect).

Oculus Insight captures, traces and navigates physical spaces in real time. Except the Rift S uses superior OLED vs the Go's LCD panel.

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Facebook-owned Oculus has announced a new VR headset and when it'll launch.

South African pricing is not yet available. There's been a small bump in resolution to 1280×1440 pixels per eye, though the frame rate of the displays is dropping from 90hz to 80hz. Whether the new tracking system means improved or worsened latency and accuracy is a different story, however.

For the starting price of $399 (likely £399) you get the headset, two Touch wireless controllers, two sensors to keep track of your movements via infrared signals, plus a bundle of free VR experiences and games that you can access once you've set up the Rift S.

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The original Oculus Rift, which began as a Kickstarter project before Facebook bought it for $2 billion, has arguably helped push VR gaming forward as much as anyone, with titles funded by Oculus Studios, aggressive price drops on the hardware, the introduction of the Touch controllers, and more. Here we find out that the headset was developed in partnership with Lenovo too, who co-designed the headset for more comfort, light blocking, and better weight distribution. While the room will have to be well lit to utilize the tracking, the Oculus Insight system is a significant improvement. It looks similar to the PlayStation VR's design, allowing you to quickly tighten it on your head. The headset comes with improved optics and display technology that provide end-users with a sharper picture with higher pixel density for an even more immersive gaming experience.

Both the Oculus Rift and Oculus Rift S will rely on the Rift platform.

Finally, the Rift S will feature a "stereo-correct passthrough feature" called Passthrough+.

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