How to Get Nintendo Switch Online for Free with Twitch Prime

Proof that we got this to work

Proof that we got this to work

This, unsurprisingly, signs up you up for auto renewal, so that's something to keep in mind - at the end of your free year, Nintendo will automatically renew your subscription for another year.

None of these caveats are deal breakers necessarily, but they might be good to know before you go to redeem your subscription to Switch Online. As you'll see on the offer page, the first "Claim" button available is for three months of Nintendo Switch Online. Instead, you can only claim the first three months now and the final nine months after 60 days.

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Twitch Prime subscribers can now get 12 months of Nintendo Switch online for free, just by heading to this website, logging in with your Twitch account and then connecting it to your Nintendo Online account. (Family Memberships can't add on the time.) Also, people with accounts in participating Nintendo Switch Online regions are the only ones who can claim this offer. Members can now get 12 free months of Nintendo Switch Online.

The price of Twitch Prime and Amazon Prime varies country to country.

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If you're anxious about forgetting to claim the other nine months of service, be sure to follow Thrifter on Twitter.

The offer starts off with a free 3-month offer, then afterwards, another 9-month individual membership becomes available. Additionally, because the offer requires NSO login and Twitch credential verification, you can not game the system by claiming multiple Twitch Prime bonuses on a single NSO account. It was the first time you probably discovered you could play your childhood favourite Super Mario Bros. games on-the-go.

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If you're not already a Twitch Prime subscriber, you'll be able to join by clicking the "Claim" button at this deal's offer page and following the prompts. In addition, the app gives Splatoon 2 players access to SplatNet 2, where players can review and share their battle statistics, order gear for use in-game, and enjoy other features that make the game even more fun.

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