Google’s first public Android Q beta is now available for Pixel phones

Google releases first Android Q beta for Pixel phones

Google’s first public Android Q beta is now available for Pixel phones

I've installed it on my Pixel 3 XL, and found some really neat features.

You'll need a Pixel phone to run Android Q. Any model will work, including the original Pixel and Pixel XL that Google released in 2016. Huawei, Samsung and Sony already offer their own theming solutions, so it remains to be seen if they'll eschew Google's native solutions for theirs.

Google has introduced the Android Q Beta. Once done, you will receive the build over-the-air. The search giant will be giving more details on Android Q at the keynote event, followed by the official name unveiling later this year.

Google releases first Android Q beta for Pixel phones

The Android Q beta is finally here.

You're no dummy - you know just how fragile this digital life you've built can be - and so you take all manner of steps to protect yourself, using strong passwords, keeping on top of the latest software updates, and making backups of all your important data.

What are the key features of Android Q?

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Google is expanding support for passive authentication methods such as face in Android Q, but there's no 3D face recognition support mentioned.

Google will be releasing six beta editions of Android Q. The first one will come in March and the second one will be arriving in April. Users will be able to control an application's access to the Photos, Videos, or Audio collections via new permissions. Right now, users can either grant or deny location access to an app which leads to many apps silently tracking the location of their users in the background.

With the Android Q, looks like Google is taking privacy very seriously. Hence, it is surprising the arrival of Android Q for Snapdragon 821 powered Pixel and Pixel XL phones from 2016. There'll be new limits on access to files in shared external storage, for example, as well as the ability for users to lock down location sharing with an app only when that app is in the foreground. We should hear more on that in the upcoming betas. Meanwhile, there's more granular control for users over location privileges around things like WiFi, Bluetooth, telephony, and camera metadata.

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Here, go to Developer Options, and tap on 'Feature flags' under Debugging. You should be able to disable or reset your advertising ID without being tracked, and Android Q makes that possible.

If you have a Pixel handset (we'd recommend the Pixel 3) and you're willing to put up with any bugs and code gremlins that crop up, then you can now take the latest version of Android for a spin.

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