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If you were looking for an epically long first two "Game of Thrones" episodes, then this news might leave you a little bit crestfallen. Reports of "movie-length" installments have previously emerged, leaving many salivating at the thought; after all, we've already seen a few episodes extend past the average length, including Season 7 finale "The Dragon And The Wolf".

Game Of Thrones Season 8's First Two Episodes Aren't Extra Long

Rumors that the final "Game of Thrones" season will consist of all feature-length episodes have been debunked.

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Earlier, Entertainment Weekly reported that the first two episodes of season 8 will be under 60-minute mark - 54 minutes and 58 minutes respectively. It is important for us, we spent 11 years elaborating this (.) We also know that however it ends, even if it's the most optimal version, a number of people will hate the best of all possible versions.

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Considering the two shortest episodes of Game of Thrones were each 50 minutes long, this means that Season 8 technically contains seven episodes worth of material.

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The first episode of the eighth and final installment of the epic fantasy series is directed by Nutter. But there is no denying this is awful news for people who want more of a very good thing. Traditionally, Game of Thrones episodes have clocked in at around an hour in length, so this is nothing out of the ordinary. There are countless great moments, plenty of horrifying ones, moments of foreshadows, and lots to pick up on when going back through these 10 episodes.

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