BBC Radio Bans Michael Jackson's Music Following 'Leaving Neverland' Documentary

Simon Mayo joins new national classical station Scala Radio

Simon Mayo joins new national classical station Scala Radio

Following HBO's release of Leaving Neverland the heart-wrenching documentary on the life of Michael Jackson and the allegations of pedophilia surrounding the late singer, a feud has broken out online as fans and critics disputed Jackson's legacy.

James met Jackson in 1987 on the set of a Pepsi commercial, and had known him for a year at the time of the alleged wedding ceremony. "It's gonna be yours, like this place is for you". "Or we'd go to the Hideout in Westwood and spend a few nights there". Taking to Twitter, he defended Jackson's honor while claiming the documentary was "poorly made". Jackson's gargantuan cultural influence and our awareness of the horror of his actions might indeed help pave the way to a future where sexual abuse of children stays at the forefront of our conversations, and not something we sweep under the rug. He stated, "The movie theater had these two private rooms and you could see into the theater... and we would have sex in those rooms. There was a bit of excitement there". Amidst much speculation about Jackson's plastic surgery and his spending habits, the special featured an interview with Arvizo, who appeared next to Jackson. Safechuck said Jackson reassured his mother that he had locked the door by accident.

"We used to spend hours and hours and hours on the phone". He started calling me apple head.

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Piers then chimed in with his own story about Jackson, in which he announced: "I interviewed him once over the telephone".

I've had conversations with friends in which we've wondered if the actual process of watching the documentary is even necessary-we already know what it's about, and we already generally believe that these awful stories have validity, so do we then need to subject ourselves to the actual experience?

Many critics also called into question the reliability of Safechuck and Robeson - often without clear cause or justification - including Jackson's nephew, Taj Jackson.

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Robson described the alleged abuse from Jackson as including "Kissing and french kissing, Jackson masturbating while watching Robson naked on all fours like a dog and fondling of genitals with hands and mouth". "This is how we show love". "I don't know where it came from but that became my name from him". He helped me tremendously.

In a response tweet, user @hatergene argued that the response was "perfectly on brand" for Jackson's estate. He was also acquitted of child molestation following a trial in 2005. "I believed that I was a consenting participant in the sexual acts". It's a clear continuation the Jackson estate's effort to discredit the documentary, and to rehabilitate Jackson's damaged legacy.

The estate has threatened HBO and parent company Time Warner with a $100 million lawsuit, saying that in broadcasting the film, it would be breaking a contract it signed in 1992 when it aired one of Jackson's concerts.

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