$35K Model 3 ready to roll, Tesla says

Elon Musk has apparently turned to memes to cope with increased SEC scrutiny over his tweeting habits

Elon Musk has apparently turned to memes to cope with increased SEC scrutiny over his tweeting habits

Without these incentives, the new entry Standard Range Model 3 costs $47,600 in Canada and comes with a Standard Interior.

The base price of "Autopilot" when you buy the auto is $4,000 and then upgrading to the "Full Self-Driving Capability" costs $6,600. The base Autopilot upgrade used to cost $6,600, and it's unclear what the Full Self-Driving was priced at.

The rear-wheel-drive vehicle will have a 220-mile range, a top speed of 130 miles per hour and a zero to 60 time of 5.6 seconds. The vehicle will also go from 0-60 in 5.6 seconds and hit a top speed of 130 miles per hour. Tesla recently started overseas deliveries of the Model 3 to Asia and Europe, although right-hand-drive versions have yet to be produced for sale in the UK. There's also Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular connectivity, voice activated controls and two USB ports for charging your devices.

The two new Model 3 variants are available to buy now in the US, with global sales set to start in around three to six months.

"With a target of a 900% increase in EV sales over the coming three years across the industry, most other vehicle brands will have to follow Tesla to remain competitive".

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Along with the Model 3 announcement, Tesla said it will also close most of its showrooms around the world and shift sales to online only.

Since then, the wait for a Model 3 at the originally promised price has frustrated some shoppers-and investors.

The company based in Palo Alto, California, is slashing costs only a few months after paying half of a $40 million settlement of a case that the US Securities and Exchange Commission filed against Musk last September after he tweeted that he had lined up financing for a potential buyout for the company.

In a statement released by the company, Tesla announced that the company would be shifting all sales of Tesla vehicles online. Musk's memo noted that high-traffic stores will remain open as Tesla information centers and galleries. It also means Tesla is "winding down" many of its stores. "But we do think that profitability in Q2 is likely".

A USA federal tax credit began phasing out for Tesla in January, effectively raising the price of cars by $3,750. "People get upset just buying clothes online that don't fit them".

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Asked about future Model 3 price cuts down the line, the South Africa-born billionaire said that customers should not get their hopes up.

"It is excruciatingly hard to make this vehicle for £26,400 (US$35,000) and be financially sustainable".

Autopilot, which is a fancy name for Tesla's semi-autonomous suite of driver assists like adaptive cruise control, will set you back US$3,000 ($4,220). "I wish there was some other way of doing it, but we have a binary choice", he outlined.

The vague posts are the latest proof Musk, 47, can craft tweets that move Tesla shares no matter how little detail they provide.

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