Washington measles outbreak soars to 48 cases

Kaley McLachlan-Burton an environmental outreach specialist with Clark County Public Health monito

Sudden outbreak of measles prompts emergency declaration, renews vaccination debate

Against measles, for sure. Take the case of childhood immunizations.

That might mean the Oregon Legislature should tighten the rules on who is allowed to opt out of immunizations. More measles information can be found at a Centers for Disease Control website. If the objective of government is to protect the life and liberty of its citizens, why can't our lawmakers guarantee that our children survive childhood to have the opportunity to experience that freedom?

She said there have been two cases of measles in 29 years in Auburn and both were not vaccinated. Clark County has among the lowest vaccination rates in Washington.

Dr. Shamard Charles is a physician-journalist for NBC News and Today, reporting on health policy, public health initiatives, diversity in medicine, and new developments in health care research and medical treatments.

She also acknowledges that it can be hard for parents to navigate the amount of information available online and that misinformation and fear about vaccines have spread widely.

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If you were born before 1960, there is a possibility you have had the measles infection.

Exactly. The anti-vaccine movement isn't about "free choice" or "parents make the best decisions for their child, not the government".

Nine out of 10 unvaccinated people who are exposed will get the disease.

Measles is an airborne disease which is highly contagious but it is preventable. Symptoms include a high fever, cough, runny nose and watery eyes followed by a rash that typically spreads from the head to the rest of the body.

Data shows Montana hasn't had a case of confirmed measles since 1990 - and it was declared eliminated in the United States in 2000. On rare occasions, the virus causes encephalitis (a brain infection).

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"The measles vaccine isn't ideal, but one dose is 93 percent effective at preventing illness", Melnick said. Disregarding a child's immunization schedule is a lame excuse of those who are not fully aware of the benefits and protection that their child can get after being vaccinated.

The rest are pre-teens and teenagers except for two adults.

OR isn't alone in requiring immunizations.

Washington is one of many states with non-medical exemptions.

The Oregon Legislature needs to act. Sen. The danger is such that the World Health Organization felt it necessary to rank vaccine hesitancy - a reluctance or outright refusal to be vaccinated - as one of the 10 biggest threats to global health in 2019. She won't be making policy, she'll be busy crafting the two-year budget. Parents who don't want to immunize their children can homeschool or enroll their children in independent study at the local public school. We have a story online listing the locations for vaccination clinics over the next few weeks.

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