Tesla’s New "Dog Mode" Reassures Passersby That Your Dog Is Okay

Model 3					Tesla rolls out ‘Dog Mode’ to protect pets from hot cars while informing passersby of their safety

Model 3 Tesla rolls out ‘Dog Mode’ to protect pets from hot cars while informing passersby of their safety

Tesla owners can feel less bad about leaving their pooch in their vehicle.

Dog Mode also makes use of the large touch panel in a Tesla to display the car's inside temp to passersby and also shows them a message reading "My owner will be back soon" so they don't worry about the dog inside.

Cabin Overheat Protection is focused around safeguarding children and pets by keeping the auto at a "safe temperature" for several hours, "even when the vehicle is off" - a feature Tesla says is owed to the firm's 'uniquely large battery packs'.

One of the cooler things about Dog Mode is that it was initially an idea conjured up by a Tesla owner and relayed to Elon Musk via Twitter last October. If a more serious threat occurs such as a window being broken, the alarm activates, the center display gets brighter and the car's audio system plays at maximum volume. Dog Mode similarly is a dedicated mode within the cabin settings menu.

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Simultaneously an alert is sent to the car's owner via their smartphone.

Sentry mode uses a Tesla's self-driving cameras to keep an eye on the vehicle when it's unattended.

Tesla is right at the forefront of technology when it comes to cars, and its latest Sentry and Dog modes for the Model 3, plus higher end Model S and falcon-winged Model X aim to increase that reputation further.

If a vehicle switches to "Alarm" state, owners will also receive an alert from their Tesla mobile app notifying them that an incident has occurred. The feature stays on even when the vehicle is turned off.

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The electric sedan is crucial to Tesla's goal of becoming a profitable, mainstream automaker.

Tesla Model 3 is known for its dual motor all-wheel drive, handsome 20-in performance wheels and brakes, as well as its lower suspension, which is aimed at providing total control no matter what the weather condition it drives in.

It will be sporty, accelerating from zero to 60mph (0-100kph) in under six seconds.

The first models of the $35,000 (£27,000) electric vehicle began production in July 2017.

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