Shamima Begum: Dad says ‘she doesn’t deserve to come back to Britain’

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The appeal for help in bringing Shamima Begum's baby son back to the United Kingdom will be one of the hardest parts of the letter politically for the Home Secretary Sajid Javid.

Shamima Begum and her two school friends fled her east London home to join ISIS four years ago.

Shamima Begum, 19, left to join IS when she was 15 but now wants to come back.

Begum's baby was born before she was told of the decision to revoke her citizenship, and is therefore British and has a right to return.

"I know she is stuck there [in Syria] but that's because she has done actions that made her get stuck like this".

"I can't say whether it is right or wrong, but if the law of the land says that it is correct to cancel her citizenship, then I agree".

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"We are sickened by the comments she has made, but, as a family man yourself, we hope you will understand that we, as her family, can not simply abandon her", her sister, Renu Begum, wrote in the letter to Javid.

He added that he is shocked to see "her lack of remorse" in recent media interviews conducted at the Syrian refugee camp.

"Shamima's status will now be a matter for our British courts to decide".

The Mail on Sunday said it discovered another case of a woman who left to join ISIS and was stripped of her British citizenship - with the decision then being reversed.

Her family's letter said they had made "every fathomable effort" to block her from entering IS territory.

Begum, who last Sunday gave birth to a son, Jarrah, pleaded that she was willing to change in order to be allowed back into the United Kingdom, but caused outrage by refusing to apologise for joining the terror group and arguing that the 2017 bombing of the Manchester Arena by an Islamic extremist was a "retaliation" for coalition bombings in Syria.

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"That year we lost Shamima to a murderous and misogynistic cult".

The home secretary revoked Begum's citizenship in a move only permissible under global law if it does not leave the individual stateless. "In all of this debacle, he is the one true innocent and should not lose the privilege of being raised in the safety of this country".

"We were pleased to learn from your comments in the Commons that you recognise my nephew, Shamima's son, as a British citizen. We would want her agreement and consent of course", he said.

It was speculated that Begum - who is of Bangladeshi heritage - may have citizenship there but Bangladesh's minister of state for foreign affairs Shahriar Alam denied this.

However, her family are exploring legal and practical options to bring her baby to London while she undergoes what could be a long drawn-out appeal against the removal of her British citizenship.

Mr Javid's removal of her citizenship came amid heated debate over whether the teenager should be able to return to the United Kingdom after she was found in a Syrian refugee camp with the terror group's reign almost over.

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