Instagram Egg Reveals Its Purpose

World Record Egg Super Bowl Commercial

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Whether you like them over easy or hard-boiled, there's no denying the biggest social influencer on Instagram right now is none other than a attractive brown egg.

So, it turns out that - even though it all seems a bit contrived and silly - the world record egg has, in fact, been a force for good all along.

Want to share your experience? The World Record Egg had cracks all over it in the photo, which was teased two days ahead of the Super Bowl.

In a big reveal on Super Bowl Sunday, the world-famous Instagram egg answered all those that had questioned its objective.

Entrepreneur and reality star Jenner had previously held the top spot, garnering some 18 million likes.

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The now-famous stock photo of the egg first made an appearance on the social media site on January 4 as a challenge to get the most likes on Instagram - and it did.

Experts had estimated the first brand to crack the egg's market might pay as much as $10 million for the exposure. "The wait is over [smiling emoji] All will be revealed this Sunday following the Super Bowl", the egg's IG account wrote on Instagram.

While speculation ran amok about what the egg might reveal, few were egg-specting a mental health public service announcement.

The egg took full advantage of so many social media neuroses, including the obsession with and disdain for the Kardashian-Jenners, an astounding appreciation for the absurd, and the veil of anonymity and thus mystery that the internet can provide.

"I'm the world_record_egg (you may have heard of me)", the captions said.

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A voiceover, pegged as coming from the egg, says: "Recently I've started to crack... the pressure of social media is getting to me".

It's followed by the words "If you're struggling, talk to someone". In the latter part of the video, users are directed to a website, that links to mental health organisations of the world. The Instagram version of the clip links to, which lists worldwide mental health resources by country. Not everyone chooses to #fightintheopen for mental health, but you did for the 1 in 5 Americans living with a mental health condition.

The egg concept has since been revealed as the brainchild of 29-year-old advertising creative Chris Godfrey, who works at The & Partnership in London.

Mr Godfrey told the New York Times how he chose his subject. "It sort of spread through playgrounds", he said, adding how the interactions peeked at 3 or 4 in the afternoon "when school was out". The first episode, which is just 30 seconds long, dropped after the big game, and featured the Egg opening up about the pressure of social media. "People have fallen in love with this egg, and Eugene the egg wants to continue to spread positive messages".

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