Debunking the utter idiocy of Donald Trump's global warming tweet

County-by-county breakdown of how climate change will play out economically  Brookings Institute

County-by-county breakdown of how climate change will play out economically Brookings Institute

"Whatever happened to Global Warming?".

Here's a tip for President Trump: You may want to make sure the government is still shut down next time you fire off an inaccurate tweet about climate change. "Weather is not going away". "And if you get a real big one you can have a big blob of cold air penetrate very far south", Kirtman told AFP.

The president recently tweeted that global warming (or, in Trump's spelling, "waming") should "come back fast", as if it's gone anywhere.

In December 2017, Weather Network Chief Meteorologist Chris Scott outlined the difference between climate and weather, in direct response to one of Trump's global warming tweets.

But it wasn't just the now-predictable misspelling in Trump's tweet that irked people, it was also the fact that he asked global warming to "come back fast", because "we need you", which, once again showed Trump's lack of understanding between weather and climate as global temperatures continue to rise.

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"There are some hints that it is linked to climate change, but I would emphasize that the jury is still out", he said.

Parts of Minnesota and North Dakota saw temperatures well below minus 30 this week, and nearby states even logged multiple weather-related deaths, USA Today reported Thursday.

The premise that cold weather means global warming doesn't exist is flawed right from the start, as proven many times over by scientists.

So, while climate and weather are two different concepts, the changing climate has a significant impact on the weather.

"U.S. Midwest Freezes, Australia Burns: This is the Age of Weather Extremes", said the headline of a Tuesday news article in the New York Times.

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Twitter users were quick to school Trump on his latest tweet.

"These temperatures are actually caused by global waming, sir", Colbert said. "But it could very well go back, you know, we're talkin' about over a millions [of years, ]" Trump said in an interview with CBS reporter Lesley Stahl in October 2018. The Arctic air, with brisk winds, can lead to dangerously cold wind chill values.

"I would say the science is still incomplete". There's growing evidence to suggest that the polar vortex is appearing outside the Arctic more frequently, because of changes in the jet stream that are attributed to the warming atmosphere.

The study used "county-by-county statistics" to compute "climate-change vulnerabilities" including agricultural yields, mortality, coastal damage and risk to labor.

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