After profanity-laced AAF washout, Christian Hackenberg may be out of options

Getty									Former Alabama running back Trent Richardson is playing for the Birmingham Iron

Getty Former Alabama running back Trent Richardson is playing for the Birmingham Iron

The Alliance of American Football hopes to change that, with all eight teams in the new professional football league playing games this past weekend to show off their newly acquired, overlooked football talent.

However, these special AAF footballs are designed with an RFID tracking chip that creates unique data to see how fast the football moves and the trajectory it travels in the air.

To shifting of the television landscape as a whole over the last two decades favors a niche audience.

The AAF still has plenty of skeptics, as the XFL debuted to huge ratings almost 20 years ago before plummeting by the season's end.

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I don't think the AAF is all that attractive, and I'm not sure I trust Vince McMahon either, but the path is there.

There will be 40 regular season games carried out over 10 weeks in the AAF, leading up to the final "Championship game" on April 27th, in Las Vegas. So, if you're looking for a team, or a way to help yourself become interested in the league, starting there couldn't hurt. There were many great plays and some familiar names in these games.

With the NFL season over, football diehards usually turn their eyes toward a shadow of what they just turned off: draft coverage. It's made up entirely of players who never got a chance in the NFL, have aged out of the NFL after being role players, or failed out of the NFL, sometimes spectacularly. Viewers' curiosity of an indirect National Football League competitor surely helped early ratings; now we'll find out if the AAF can keep those eyeballs and attract more.

Common sense says there is room to work with here because most coaches understand the best way to get better is live repetitions and the current NFL CBA just doesn't allow enough of that.

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There is a hurdle, however, and it was highlighted by Eagles offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland last season when discussing Jordan Mailata, the raw Aussie left tackle who is tailor-made for a developmental system. Two things that really surprised us were the quality of play across all four games, and the adoption of our digital platform.

You can disagree with the call if you want (there was a similar call in the Birmingham-Memphis game that looked like an incompletion). If you'd like to discuss the AAF some more, comment below! "That's what he's going through right now". The harder the hit, the better the buzz. The XFL's commissioner Oliver Luck, a former Houston Oilers quarterback, will be scrutinizing the AAF's game with a fine-tooth comb to see if some of his league's rules may need tweaking. There were plenty of on field microphones to pick up audio from players and coaches but the league gave us access to the conversation during a coach's challenge.

So, after sitting and waiting for the actual game to begin (we thought it was an 8 pm start, it was actually past 8:30 when it began), things actually got underway.

What does this mean for the AAF?

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