Two more rappers accuse Ariana Grande of copying songs for '7 Rings'

Ariana Grande ‘7 Rings’ music video | YouTube

Ariana Grande ‘7 Rings’ music video | YouTube

But 7 Rings was quickly flooded with accusations that aspects of the song and video had been borrowed from others, and that one of Grande's lyrics, about fake hair, is racist.

She captioned the photo: "Yeah my receipts be looking like phone numbers" taken from her new single, 7 Rings.

As rappers including Princess Nokia and Soulja Boy have come forward to accuse the pop star of stealing the song, Ariana is apologizing for a completely separate controversy involving the lyrics. Shortly after her breakup with Pete Davidson, Grande reportedly went out with her friends to a jewellery store and bought seven engagement rings for them.

Man, this is getting messy and it's a shame.

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In a tweet announcing the streaming numbers, Braun congratulated Grande and her team, saying "history is being made". Is it just "inspired by" or a direct rip off? / Gee thanks, I want them.

"Does that sound familiar to you 'cause that sounds really familiar to me".

Ariana Grande has sent her fans into frenzy after her "confirming" her album release date.

After the backlash, Grande headed to The Shade Room's comments section to issue an apology, explaining her original intention when sharing the post. After writing the song she chose to do some retail therapy and bought her friends matching Tiffany Co. engagement rings. "Period." He then followed up with the message, "You're a thief".

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For the unversed, not just Nokia but also famous singer Soulja Boy also claimed that Ariana Grande ripped off his delivery from his 2010 song called Pretty Boy Swag.

Her final tweet on the matter was plain and simple: "two albums in six months huh. that's deep. love u. talk sooon".

Meanwhile, rapper 2 Chainz has protested that the chorus in 7 Rings echoes that of his song Spend It.

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