Trump says 'not much headway' in talks to end United States government shutdown

Image    Nancy Pelosi says Democrats 'respect our workers' and are trying hard to end the shutdown

Image Nancy Pelosi says Democrats 'respect our workers' and are trying hard to end the shutdown

After a weekend filled with subsequent meetings about the shutdown, the president gave his strongest endorsement yet of a proposal to build a steel wall, rather than a concrete barrier, at the southern border.

The US government has endured a partial shutdown for almost three weeks after Trump refused to approve a funding bill because it did not include more than $5 billion to build a wall along the border with Mexico.

Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney also noted the perceived political benefit of calling for a steel barrier to NBC News saying Sunday, "If he has to give up a concrete wall, replace it with a steel fence in order to do that so that Democrats can say, 'See?" "If that's not evidence of the president's desire to try and resolve this, I don't know what is". "So, that's a nonstarter", the Democrat said. Trump has said he may invoke emergency powers to build a border wall if Congress doesn't agree to his demand for funding.

President Donald Trump plans to visit the US southern border on Thursday, leaving Washington for the first time since the partial federal shutdown began 16 days ago over his demand for funding for a wall along the border with Mexico.

Congressional and White House officials are reportedly still failing to reach any kind of agreement on the president's funding requests, even as he continues to float new characterizations of the wall. "They just are unwilling to let this president win", Sanders said.

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The White House painted that offer, which Mr Trump floated previously, as an olive branch. About 800,000 government workers have been either furloughed or working without pay since December 22.

However, the interviewer immediately called her out, citing the government's own information that none of those individuals arrived across the southern border. "How about he says, 'the wall is being built" and there's no wall.

Will Chamberlain, a Washington, DC-based lawyer, looked at the relevant statutes and argued that - unlike Truman in Schiff's example - Trump would be on more solid legal ground with regards to the southern border.

There was no end in sight Monday for the shutdown that has halted about a quarter of US government operations since December 22nd.

The Trump administration called for approval of $5.7 billion for the wall, along with another $800 million for "urgent humanitarian needs" to take care of migrants arriving at the border trying to enter the United States. This wall will pay for itself many times over the course of this year.

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"We are looking at it very strongly", Trump told reporters on Sunday.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., in her first sit-down interview on network television since reclaiming the gavel last week, maintained that the goal of Saturday's meeting was to reopen the government and blamed Trump for the continued impasse.

Outside the White House on Sunday, Trump said he "can relate" to the federal employees who aren't being paid during the shutdown. We need something to prevent people from coming into this country illegally, ' Mulvaney said.

"This shutdown could end tomorrow or it also could go on for a long time", Trump said Sunday.

Trump sought to begin executing a new strategy when he appeared in the White House briefing room with border patrol officials last Thursday, believing the setting would lend some authority to his message.

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