"Super blood wolf moon" will light up the night sky Sunday

Andy Clark took this image of a lunar eclipse over Ashford in 2015

Andy Clark took this image of a lunar eclipse over Ashford in 2015

U.S. space agency NASA reports the Moon's eclipse will hit totality at 7.04am GST over UAE, so due to sunlight in this region eclipse phenomena will not visible for public in UAE region.

The lunar eclipse technically starts at 9:30 p.m. EST on Sunday, though it won't be visible until about 10:33 pm EST, which is when the partial eclipse begins. "As it passes through the atmosphere, just like when you see a sunset, the more blue light is scattered out and all you're left with is red".

"Super" comes from the fact that this is a supermoon, which means that the moon, on its orbit, will be passing at its closet point to Earth. The wolf moon is a cultural reference to the full moon in January.

Whitstable garden observatory
Whitstable garden observatory

A "wolf moon" is the name given for a full moon that happens in January, and derives from early Native American tribes noting when wolves would allegedly howl at the moon, according to the Farmer's Almanac.

Yes. The tidal effects and extra night lighting from the moon cause fish to become more active which is why full moons are are a favored time to go fishing. Red wavelengths of light are less affected by this filter, giving the moon its reddish orange glow.

'While at perigee, the Moon appears slightly bigger and brighter from our perspective on Earth, so it's often referred to as a supermoon. But they had prime viewing previous year, when two total lunar eclipses occurred.

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You might want to clear some time in your schedule this weekend to look up at the night sky.

The National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA), through its Centre for Basic Space Science (CBSS) has said that there will be a lunar eclipse over Nigeria on Monday, January 21, 2019.

Unlike a solar eclipse where viewers are instructed to use protective eyewear to observe the event, a lunar eclipse can we viewed with the naked eye. We can see the red light during an eclipse as it falls onto the moon in earth's shadow.

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Astronomers and skygazers are particularly interested in this year's blood moon, as it is the last of its kind for two years.

Generally, NASA provides great live coverage of astronomical events like tonight's total lunar eclipse, but due to the government shutdown there is no special coverage to announce.

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