As 2019 Begins, Trump And Democrats Disagree Over Government Funding

General John Kelly leaves his post on Wednesday after a rocky 18-month tenure

General John Kelly leaves his post on Wednesday after a rocky 18-month tenure Credit Andrew Caballero-Reynolds AFP

Walter Jones is anxious about how President Trump's border wall would add to the already mushrooming national debt, and he proposed some ways to fund the wall that wouldn't require more borrowing - including having Mr. Trump put up some of his own money.

Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., the chairman of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, tweeted that without funding for Trump's wall, the package is a "nonstarter".

Essentially what Pelosi and Schumer are planning to do is extend funding for all the shutdown agencies until September 30, 2019, except for the Department of Homeland Security (Customs and Border Protection is part of DHS) which would be extended until February 8, 2019. John Thune, have also been invited, as have Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and whip Dick Durbin.

The planned vote sets up a Democratic showdown with Mr Trump's fellow Republicans on an issue dear to the president on the first day of divided government in Washington since he took office in January 2017 with a Congress led by his own party.

Trump is now claiming that "savings" from an updated NAFTA agreement with Mexico will pay for the wall, but how that would work remains a mystery.

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In a Los Angeles Times interview published on Sunday, Kelly said: "To be honest, it's not a wall". "So imaginative! The problem is, without a Wall there can be no real Border Security".

Senate Democrats support the House Democratic plan, and Schumer, D-New York, and Pelosi, D-California, have been in constant contact and are on the same page on the plan, a senior Senate Democratic aide said.

Ingraham had tweeted an article Monday titled "Media Didn't Like McChrystal Until He Started Bashing Trump".

The GOP-controlled Senate already passed similar legislation earlier this month. As a result, parts of the federal government, including the Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security (DHS), shut down when their funding expired on December 21.

White House officials, including the departing chief of staff, had indicated that Trump's signature campaign pledge to build the wall would not be fulfilled as advertised. White House officials have said Trump could be open to this idea again, though Democrats say they don't trust Trump to complete the deal without adding demands at the last minute.

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The ongoing shutdown of a quarter of US government operations means 380,000 government workers are furloughed while another 420,000 are still working, but will not be paid until the funding dispute is resolved. Democrats have offered to approve $1.3 billion for other border security efforts, but not the wall. Others said border security could include a wall, fencing and high-tech monitoring.

The White House dismissed the legislation late on Tuesday. We can't afford to keep financing the provision of government services by borrowing more and more money. Democrats have remained committed to blocking any funding for the wall. But a previous attempt to reach a compromise that addressed the status of "Dreamers" - young immigrants brought to the US illegally as children - broke down past year as a result of escalating White House demands.

Almost all the nine departments and agencies hit by the shutdown which began 22 December are running out of their carryover cash as the pay period for the next paycheck ends 5 January. I'm in the White House.

Yet Graham also took off the table any deal that wouldn't include at least "border security/wall/fencing-whatever you want to call it-in areas that make sense".

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