Rudy Giuliani Blames Twitter For His Internet Ignorance

Rudy Giuliani President Donald Trump’s attorney uses a smartphone during an event outside the White House in May. After Giuliani accidentally tweeted a hyperlink — and a prankster took advantage of it — the president’s lawyer baselessly accused

Giuliani's Twitter typo used to abuse President Trump

To Rudy Giuliani, the former NY mayor who is one of President Donald Trump's lawyers, it was an example of how low Twitter would stoop to carry out its anti-Trump agenda.

Rudy Giuliani is not just the personal lawyer for President Donald Trump.

Sometime after Giuliani posted a Friday tweet lashing out at Special Counsel Robert Mueller, a Twitter user appeared to register the "G-20.In" domain that Giuliani inadvertently linked to by not leaving a space between sentences.

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'Without thinking, I went and purchased the domain and then I thought, 'I could literally put whatever I want up and he would either have to delete the tweet or leave it up because you can't edit a tweet, ' he said. " basically anyone who has even the most rudimentary understanding of the internet (clearly not including cybersecurity expert Rudy Giuliani), the reason there is no link for that is because ".either" is not (yet) a top level domain, and thus Twitter's systems don't see it as a link and don't automatically link it.

Rudy Giuliani pushed out a conspiracy theory about Twitter on Tuesday because he apparently doesn't know how the internet works.

Most twitterians lauded the person who bought the domain and captioned it.

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Trump himself tweets constantly about the "Witch Hunt", and Giuliani plays ball with tweets of his own.

"Any suggestion that we artificially injected something into the user's account is false", the spokesperson said.

Velazquez told The Post that Giuliani's follow-up tweet "speaks to the impulsive nature of the administration where they're not thoughtful in anything they put out there, especially on Twitter".

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Still, that doesn't directly answer Giuliani's claim that he couldn't recreate the issue a second time. There, you can find many, many articles about Mueller's Russian Federation investigation and the Trump-related discoveries thereof. He tells CNET the whole process took him 15 minutes, and "I did it, mostly, because I could". When publishing his tweet, Giuliani did not notice that Twitter had turned it blue, indicating it was clickable.

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