Royal Bank of Canada named in Facebook privacy scandal

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Internal Facebook records describe data-sharing deals that benefited more than 150 companies a report has found

Facebook reportedly gave tech giants access to users' private messages

Although many companies are listed in the piece, it's Netflix and Spotify that have been highlighted as being able to access, and even delete, private messages. He said the Times's report "is yet another data point demonstrating that Facebook offers users far too little in the way of transparency about how their data is being used, and by whom".

Facebook argues that its partners abide by their privacy settings, and that they see the partners as an extension of Facebook - thus, the company says it is not violating a 2011 Federal Trade Commission consent decree saying that it can not share data without permission.

Multiple tech companies had access to Facebook users' data in recent years, a revelation uncovered by The New York Times.

"Time and again Facebook has been unable to clearly and in plain language explain to people how the company is collecting, storing, sharing, and retaining people's data", a spokeswoman for Privacy International told the BBC.

The New York Times report comes after Facebook has been reeling from a series of privacy scandals
STUFFThe New York Times report comes after Facebook has been reeling from a series of privacy scandals

Moreover, if media companies like The Times are potentially being granted special access to things like private Facebook messages, are reporters privy to this kind of information?

Among these, a dozen of the top tech giants received access to users' private messages after deals that "were vetted at high levels, sometimes by Mr. Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg". For their part, companies like Netflix, Apple and Spotify claim that they were ignorant to the full scale of their access and unaware of the breach in privacy. "At no time did we access people's private messages on Facebook or ask for the ability to do so", Netflix said in an emailed statement.

"Amazon uses APIs provided by Facebook in order to enable Facebook experiences for our products", Amazon said in a statement. The scale of the business these companies do with Facebook underpins the value of their relationship.

Facebook has faced multiple scandals in recent years.

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Collins' parliamentary committee had previously revealed similar arrangements after obtaining internal Facebook emails that showed the company considering special access for partners including Tinder and the Royal Bank of Canada.

Under the settlement, Facebook agreed to get consent from users before sharing their data with third parties.

"We're in the midst of reviewing all our APIs and the partners who can access them", it concluded. "This is just another form of selling".

Revelations about Facebook's response to manipulation of the social network before and after the 2016 US presidential election, and shifting accounts about breaches of users' privacy, have battered the company's reputation and fueled frustration on Capitol Hill.

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Apps that allowed people to access their Facebook account on their Windows Phone device.

"Social hubs" that consolidated their feeds across Facebook, Twitter, and other services.

"We shouldn't have left the [application program interfaces] in place after we shut down instant personalization", wrote Konstantinos Papamiltiadis, the company's director of developer platforms and programs. A Yahoo spokesman declined to discuss the partnership in detail but said the company did not use the information for advertising.

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