Former Nasa engineer makes glitter bomb to prank thieves

Some Bloke Made A Glitter Fart Bomb To Get Revenge On Xmas Package Thieves

Ex-NASA Engineer's Fart-Laced 'Glitter Bomb' Stuns Package Thieves

But when they told him it wasn't worth their time and effort to do anything about it, he knew he'd need to get his own revenge.

All that glitters is not gold for package thieves if they run afoul of Mark Rober's booby-trapped device.

The box contained a Global Positioning System locator and accelerometer that triggered the phones to start recording when the box was moved, and when opened, released the glitter along with an automatic can of "fart spray".

Ah, glitter. As South Park's Eric Cartman once said, it's the herpes of the craft world.

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Mr Rober's YouTube video has so far had more than 6 million views.

This is unlike the typical bait package with a simple Global Positioning System that police have started leaving around in recent years to thwart thieves.

Mark Rober, who worked for Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory for nine years, said in a YouTube video that he spent six months building a "glitter bomb revenge package" after someone stole a parcel from his porch in May. It starts spinning when the thief opens the box. In the video, Rober says: "No joke you can clear a room with one spray of this". Rober's device purportedly captures video of what appears to be bungling bandits spewing obscenities as their package-stealing plots are thwarted by clouds of glitter and stench.

Rober installed several cameras inside the device to record their reactions.

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Former NASA engineer Mark Rober, however, came up with a very novel idea involving an Apple HomePod retail box.

'Not only is it not cool, but on the plus side, you'll never find yourself in this situation'.

Only three of the top 10 metros that have stolen packages are also likely to have porch theft through the rest of the year.

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