Far Cry New Dawn out early next year

'Far Cry New Dawn' turns Hope County into a nuclear wasteland next year

Far Cry: New Dawn blasts into the post-apocalypse in February

One of the surprise announcements at The Game Awards 2018 is Devil May Cry 5-related.

Ubisoft adds further gameplay details: "At the Homebase, players will prepare to face off against the threat of the Highwaymen". The ruthless twin sisters Mickey and Lou are the leaders of the player's new opponents.

Far Cry New Dawn will launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, on February 15, 2019.

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He received a $4.6 million signing bonus from the A's with the expectation that this would be his last season on the gridiron. The Heisman Trophy victor for the 2018 season has not even been announced yet, and we already have odds for next year's award.

The narrator in the New Dawn teaser talks about how flames and death "rolled through [their] valley", which sounds a lot like nuclear bombs.

The video is worth a watch if you're unsure about New Dawn.

"Far Cry New Dawn" takes the "Far Cry 5" environment and puts it - and its survivors - through a post-apocalyptic wringer.

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The front cover depicts a white man strapped to the hood of a bullethole-ridden auto as two black females look at the camera menacingly. There is also Nana, an elderly lady who is a stealthy sniper, described as a sharp shooter with a sharp tongue.

The good news is that our hero has a new companion in the form of Timber, who can ride with you in vehicles. That's quite surprising given that that comes within 12 months of the previous instalment, but we're not going to say no to more Far Cry. Which is where New Dawn holds its appeal. This repurposed version of John Seed's ranch from Far Cry 5 is essentially your home in New Dawn.

Far Cry games are arguably best known for their stellar antagonists.

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Put in the shoes of Carmina (the daughter of Far Cry 5's friend for hire Nick Reyes), New Dawn sees players once again roaming an open world either alone or with a friend. Unique, signature weapons replace the old world off-the-shelf armoury, and every makeshift weapon can be upgraded with the appropriate resources. However, he wouldn't elaborate further when we spoke to him, leaving us to wonder what motions the cult leader will make without his family but with the self-righteous knowledge that he was right about the end times.

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