Democratic Republic of Congo’s Ebola outbreak now second largest in history

Ebola outbreak kills 19 under one week in DR Congo

DR Congo Ebola outbreak second largest in history: WHO

The UN's global health body says the Ebola outbreak in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo is now the second-biggest ever recorded.

It is not clear how many Centers for Disease Control and Prevention workers are now trying to tackle the outbreak from Congo's capital, Kinshasa, which is almost 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers) away.

It is now the second largest Ebola outbreak in history, the World Health Organization said. The World Health Organisation (WHO) said children who went to health centres for malaria are believed to have contracted ebola there too, and about half of the people screened in ebola centres only had malaria.

According to United Nations health body, there have been struggles to contain the disease since the outbreak in August with armed conflict in the eastern city of Beni in North Kivu, hampering efforts to curb the disease. Some 365 of those cases and 189 of the deaths are confirmed.

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A Congolese health worker administers Ebola vaccine to a woman who had contact with an Ebola sufferer in the village of Mangina in North Kivu province of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

They are also awash with violence and insecurity, particularly in the mineral-rich borderlands where militia activity has surged over the past year, all of which complicates the response to the outbreak.

However, violent attacks from rebel groups in the area are impeding the response.

The WHO said the current malaria control campaign is modelled on the one implemented in Sierra Leone.

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As per Salama's prediction, the outbreak in northeastern Congo will last at least another six months.

Ebola has killed 240 people and infected more than 400 in the DRC since July this year in an outbreak that shows little sign of abating. "If want to see the end of this, we do need all critical actors on the ground". Preliminary data indicate a positive impact of public health control measures in Beni and Kalunguta, but community engagement remains a challenge in Katwa, according to a press release from the WHO on Thursday.

The US sent thousands of responders to West Africa from the CDC and other parts of government, including the military. Over the past week, alerts have been reported from South Sudan and Uganda, though Ebola has been ruled out for all those cases thus far.

Health workers practice proper donning of protective gear during the training on vaccination against Ebola.

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"I've accepted the recommendation of the committee but this does not mean that we are not taking the outbreak seriously", WHO's director-general, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, told reporters.

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