'Black Mirror: Bandersnatch' Cast - Meet the Three Stars!

Netflix reveal new details about Black Mirror's choose your own adventure episode

The New Black Mirror Film 'Bandersnatch' Is Out Soon

Frosties and Now 2, since you ask.

As the protagonist, you can change the course of the story. The viewer gets about 10 to 15 seconds to make a choice, so you can factor that in to your calculations. If you take the simplest route, it will be over in around 40-minutes.

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After months on not hearing anything about Black Mirror, the show's official Twitter account shoots out a tweet with a single word: "Relax". "If the character is victorious, you'll feel even more uplifted because you made that choice".

Black Mirror is back, and this time, it wants you to do more than just watch. In addition to containing background info on the developer's history and most famous titles - like Metl Hed and Bandersnatch - the site also allows visitors to play Colin Ritman's latest game, Nohzdyve. Later, Whitehead's character says of the fictional author of "Bandersnatch", "Jerome F. Davies is a genius". Its name? "Bandersnatch." Its goal?

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While the public will have to wait until Friday to find out what the Black Mirror creators have in store, somehow already figured out that the concept of a 1984 video game is nothing new. With my lazy holiday brain switched on, too, it's hard not to be reminded of BioShock's twist in how Stefan becomes aware that there is a player in control.

In terms of how the story is structured, I guess Bandersnatch has a lot in common with a Twine game or a Quantic Dream game. It isn't just an episode of the popular dark sci-fi series, it's a Netflix Interactive Film. In 2016, when Brooker and his team were developing the Season 4 episode "Playtest", Netflix's team suggested adding an interactive element to the episode. A closer look at that March teaser includes no such assurance of how many episodes fans might expect, and as of press time, Netflix has not clarified what we can expect from "season five". Making this a one-off would preserve its impact.

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Viewers will be transported to a website which contains a job advert with Mr Tucker's (Asim Chaudhry) face printed on it, with post that reads: 'Are you a buddying computer games designer?

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