Apple says the bent iPad Pros are not defects

Apple says some 2018 iPad Pros ship with a bent body, but claims this is normal

Apple: Some 2018 iPad Pros Ship Bent–But It's Normal and Not a Defect

Further, the company stated the iPad's tendency to bend wouldn't impact its "performance in any practical way".

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The Bendgate saga is about to receive a new sequel, as Apple has recently confirmed that the 2018 iPad Pro can indeed bend in certain conditions.

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The curvature is a result of the manufacturing process and would occur during Cooling of the used plastic and metal components, said Apple and the Tech Blog "The Verge" on request.

The report said that this so-called problem could be more pronounced on the LTE model of the iPad Pro because of the plastic strip that's placed where the antenna line divides two sections in the metal. Interestingly, it is only Wi-Fi version of the new iPad that has been found to bend a little though the company hasn't yet confirmed if that indeed is the case. But no customer is probably going to be happy with a slightly warped iPad Pro.

Prior Apple's statement, many users claimed that the small curve or slight bend was most likely formed gradually over the course of normal use.

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Apple's response comes after customers took to social media and the MacRumors forums to report about bent iPad Pros. However, his claims about design flaws with the device were largely rejected because his test does not replicate typical real-world scenarios.

It remains to be seen how many more buyers react to Apple's confirmation about the bend being normal. However, Apple's policies say it won't replace the devices that are facing issues that aren't covered under manufacturing devices. The 11-inch device starts at $799, while the 12.9-inch model can go for $999 and up. Apple helpfully sent a replacement - which also sported "a very slight bend in the aluminum as soon as I took off the wrapper". This is also the exact position from where the 2018 iPad Pro bent in the popular Youtuber JerryRigEverything's video.

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