The new John Lewis Christmas advert featuring Elton John

Credit YouTube  evan youtuberuk/15maio2011

Credit YouTube evan youtuberuk/15maio2011

John Lewis is known for making touching advertisements each Christmas, and this year's piece is no different. Within hours of its release, the spot had more than 2 million views across the company's social channels and replaced today's Brexit crisis in Twitter trending popularity.

John Lewis has become synonymous with Christmas adverts, guaranteed to have us balling into a tin of Roses before breakfast or when we catch the ad between soaps.

"The Boy and The Piano" shows John in present day, and then travels back in time through all of the musical moments of his life.

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John's popularity as a British national treasure combined with the brilliant, emotive creative should help A Boy in a Piano deliver impressive results at a time when the United Kingdom retailer and other high street department stores are struggling.

Fans of the new John Lewis ad included former MP and Strictly Come Dancing star Ed Balls, who said it was "totally brilliant", and TV presenter Susanna Reid who responded: "Absolutely love it".

The closing line on screen as Sir Elton plays reads: "Some gifts are more than just a gift".

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It will air for the first time on ITV at 9.15pm.

The retailer, which reported a 98.8% profits crash for the first half of the year in September, said the ad was a "crucial part" of its overall marketing campaign and "one of the most effective marketing campaigns in the industry, delivering an excellent return on investment".

As well, according to the U.K.'s Telegraph, the department store's Oxford Street location in London features sets from the advertisement, including Elton's dressing room, living room and recording studio, which customers can peruse. Besides, while the annual John Lewis Christmas ads are a beloved holiday tradition, they're still ads. A portion of Elton John's undisclosed fee has been donated to the Elton John Charitable Trust.

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Last year's John Lewis Christmas ad focused on the tale of Moz the Monster who lived under the bed of seven-year-old boy Joe.

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