New Overwatch Hero Ashe Announced At BlizzCon

Blizzard Entertainment								
					Overwatch's 29th hero Ashe

Blizzard Entertainment Overwatch's 29th hero Ashe

Ashe is the leader of the Deadlock Gang, the group of thieves which McCree was once a part of before joining Blackwatch. When sitting down in an interview with the Overwatch creative team, we talked a lot about B.O.B but what you may not know is that his character was fought for, and thus he went from joke to star.

Ashe is the leader of the Deadlock Gang, which McCree was formerly a member of.

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Blizzard unveiled the next Overwatch hero during Blizzcon today: Elizabeth Caledonia "Calamity" Ashe, better known as Ashe. Ashe's main weapon rewards precise aim, as does her Dynamite ability. Blizzard hasn't announced a release date for Ashe yet, but expect her to roll out within the next couple months.

"And Ashe is not alone, as she can call on her omnic ally B.O.B., to join the fray when the need arises".

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Dynamite: Ashe throws an explosive that detonates after a short delay or immediately when shot.

The makers of everyone's favorite building blocks have taken their skills to mad new heights, unveiling a life-size LEGO version of Overwatch's iconic mech pilot D.Va for BlizzCon 2018.

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"Ashe blasts enemies in front of her, knocking them away and propelling herself backward for added mobility". Finally, her ultimate, Bob, summons her hulking mechanical sidekick "who charges forward and knocks enemies into the air, then lays down suppressing fire with his arm cannons".

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