Defiant Trump blames media, fellow Republicans for House losses

[VIDEO] Donald Trump, CNN's Jim Acosta Argue at Press Conference

Trump throws tantrum at press conference, calls CNN's Jim Acosta 'a rude, terrible person'

President Trump's hostility toward the press reached new lows on Wednesday during a press conference in which the 45th commander in chief addressed the results of Tuesday's midterm elections.

He continued, "It's a-it's a-a group of migrants moving up from Central America towards the border with the U.S". Trump said, "That's enough" at least five times, pointing directly at Acosta but Acosta kept talking over him, demanding to ask a question about the Russian Federation investigation.

He then tried to ask a question about the Russian Federation investigation, but Trump dismissed the question and told Acosta to "put down the mic". The way you treat Sarah Sanders is disgusting. It's a small, but crucial step forward, and if anyone is wondering how President Donald Trump is taking the news ... "You shouldn't treat people that way", he said, referring to his spokeswoman, who frequently spars with reporters during press briefings. "Mia Love gave me no love", he said. "You and I have a difference of opinion", he said.

"That's such a racist question ..."

Voter turnout at 47 percent in Clark County on eve of election
As of last week, 737,157 absentee ballots were cast - 560,111 by mail and 177,046 in person at designated early voting centers. Residents can use the polling place locator on the Registrar of Voters' website to find their neighborhood polling location .

Acosta then badgered the president, asking, "Did you demonize immigrants?"

He said: "It was a big day yesterday - an incredible day - and last night the Republicans defied history to expand our Senate majority by significantly beating expectations in the House for the midterm year".

"This president's ongoing attacks on the press have gone too far". "I'm fighting back not for me, I'm fighting back for the people of this country", he said.

"I don't know that there will be much of an appetite for Democrat lawmakers to spend all of their time, or most of their time or even a fraction of their time investigating, instigating, trying to impeach and subpoena people", said Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway.

Alexis Sanchez is causing conundrums at Manchester United
He did score the victor in their comeback win over Newcastle United four weeks ago, but that was his first and only goal of the season.

The former Apprentice host then turned his fury to CNN's April Ryan, telling her to sit down as she attempted to ask a question, stating, "I didn't call on you".

The poll also noted that Trump had 29 percent support among black people on August 6, compared with 15 percent on August 3, 2017. "It's a very bad thing you said to me".

Trump stopped him again "Because I consider it an invasion". Trump's approval rating among African Americans is about on par with the numbers Ronald Reagan garnered during his first term where he polled at about 18 percent amid a recession and cuts to social programs.

"Well I'm not a fan of yours either", Trump replied.

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Li said the former cricket star's visit would "further consolidate and develop the firm, enduring ties between our two countries". In Saturday's meeting, Khan told Li the planned economic corridor had "caught the imagination of the people of Pakistan".

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