Bolton says audio of Khashoggi killing does not implicate Saudi prince

Saudi officials denied Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman had any knowledge of Khashoggi's killing

Saudi officials denied Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman had any knowledge of Khashoggi's killing

According to The New York Times, the tape allegedly records Khashoggi's last moments, and catches one of his killers call his superior on the phone and tell the person to "tell your boss" that "the deed was done." Which is very handy indeed.

Khashoggi, a critic of de facto Saudi ruler Prince Mohammed bin Salman, was killed in Saudi Arabia's Istanbul consulate last month in a hit which Erdogan says was ordered at the "highest levels" of the Saudi government.

After denying responsibility, the Saudis admitted Khashoggi was slain in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul at the hands of Saudi personnel.

Though the audio recording does not conclusively implicate Crown Prince, analysts say it's an important clue.

Turkey's Erdogan said Saturday that his country had shared the recordings with Saudi Arabia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and France, although confusion has swirled over which countries have and haven't listened to the recordings.

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Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman met on Tuesday evening with the families of soldiers who died while on duty serving their country.

Turkey also thinks the United States has information, possibly including intercepted Saudi communications, beyond what Turkish intelligence has gathered, the person said. "When the Saudi intelligence agent listened, he was shocked and said this could only be done by someone who got heroin".

Saudi public prosecutor Saud al-Mojeb has since said that Khashoggi's killing was planned in advance, although another Saudi official said Prince Mohammed had no knowledge of the specific operation.

In the wake of the killing, initially brushed off as a disappearance by the Saudis, Turkey leaked a string of gruesome pieces of evidence suggesting otherwise and played an audio recording of the murder to the head of the Central Intelligence Agency. "We are waiting patiently", Erdogan said, adding that the perpetrators of the killing were among 18 suspects detained in Saudi Arabia.

A few days ago, the same newspaper revealed Khashoggi's last words to the assassins who ended his life.

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Gerald Feierstein, a former US ambassador to Yemen and now a senior director the Middle East Institute said General Abizaid's nomination will allow for real diplomatic oversight in US-Saudi relations after a two-year vacancy allowed other parties to undermine the traditional policy channels led by the State Department.

Turkey has several audio recordings including the killing itself and conversations prior to the operation which Turkey subsequently uncovered, two sources with knowledge of the issue have told Reuters.

Mohammed bin Salman has rose from being a relatively little-known royal to the most powerful man in Saudi Arabia, after the elevation of his father, Salman, to king.

But as evidence from flight manifests and video surveillance mounted, including footage of personal security guards for the crown prince at the consulate, the Saudi Government acknowledged the killing but blamed it on a group of outliers.

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