Birthright citizenship: Trump lashes out at Paul Ryan

Trump wants to end birthright citizenship in the U.S.

Donald Trump reveals plans to end birthright citizenship for babies born to non-citizens

With congressional elections a week away, President Donald Trump on Tuesday said he will seek to scrap the right of citizenship for US -born children of non-citizens and illegal immigrants as he tries again to dramatically reshape immigration policies. After I proposed that terrible bill, my wife Landra immediately sat me down and said, 'Harry, what are you doing, don't you know that my father is an immigrant?' She set me straight. "Guess what? You don't", Trump told Axios.

"The question is, is the executive order consistent with the 14th Amendment", says Hasday.

This is Trump's new anti-immigrant move, which joins a list if many others including ending the DACA program, instituting a travel ban, blocking "non-professional" immigrants from entering the US and restricting legal immigration.

Reid said in 1993 that "no sane country" would grant birthright citizenship to the children of parents who did not have legal status in the United States.

Such a practice to give citizenship to anyone born in the "ridiculous", Mr. Trump said.

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"Certainly if he can do DACA, we can do this", he said, referring to an executive order.

"Well you obviously can not do that", Ryan said, asked for his position on the president's proposal.

The Pentagon announced Monday the deployment of 5,200 active-duty troops to beef up security along the US-Mexico border in a bid to prevent the migrant caravan from illegally crossing the frontier. A 2010 study by the right-wing Center for Immigration Studies showed that 30 countries offered birthright citizenship, including Canada, which like the United States grants citizenship to children born to people in the country without authorization.

Trump said Republican Congress without Paul Ryan as Speaker would focus more on stopping illegal immigration. We don't even know how many of these kids don't make it and may have been waylaid into sex trafficking or killed because they fell off a train.

Under the current laws, anyone born in the US irrespective of the nationality of parents, automatically becomes an American citizen.

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"This is simply an attempt for Donald Trump, who wants to do anything possible to bring back fears around immigration, to use that as a political tool in this last week before the election", Warner said. The president has every right to his own interpretation of an ambiguous constitutional or statutory phrase. And when he did differ with Trump, it was on the point of process, not explicitly coming down one way or the other whether birthright citizenship ought to be altered in the first place.

After the video resurfaced, Trump quickly hopped on Twitter to highlight that the two were on the same page. An 1898 Supreme Court decision held that the US -born son of legal Chinese immigrants was a citizen under the 14th Amendment; a footnote in a 1982 decision suggests there should be no difference for children of foreign-born parents whether they are in the USA legally or illegally. "That's the case with President Trump's proposal to end "birthright citizenship" through an executive order", George Conway wrote. Six of the Justices ruled that the phrase "and subject to the jurisdiction thereof" applied to any person required to obey U.S. laws, meaning even children of foreigners residing in the country permanently or temporarily.

Napolitano said that the debate over birthright citizenship isn't serious, disagreeing with Jonathan Turley's argument.

The country is facing a massive backlog of immigration cases - some 700,000 - and there are more and more families coming across the border from Central America - groups who can not be simply returned over the border.

Both the 14th Amendment and the INA include this clause. However, the president is confident in his ability to overturn the law.

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