USA to withdraw from Universal Postal Union after 144-year membership

Small business owners want to see the Chinese punished with tariffs

Trump pulling U.S. out of international pact on postal rates

This slowdown will occur partly as a result of eliminating the economic subsidy, and partly as a result of increased enforcement capabilities enabled by the STOP Act, new legislation that we expect the president to sign next week that will enable far better tracking of illicit inbound packages.

Others warned that USA companies that depend on small components shipped from China could see costs rise.

"It's not at the level that Mr. Trump and others want it, but we're close". The Trump administration says many companies even offer free shipping to the U.S. from China because of these lower rates - and as a result, roughly 60% of inbound shipping to the USA comes from China. The State Department on Wednesday was scheduled to provide a notice in Switzerland to indicate that the U.S. will be initiating withdrawal procedures from the UPU.

UPS, which along with other private couriers stands to gain if the subsidized service is removed, said that withdrawal was "the right step".

It is not clear whether China will retaliate if the United States pulls out of the treaty.

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"People are getting hurt in this country by an unfair system", one official told reporters on a conference call. All but three nations belong to the UPU, and the founding member's withdrawal has startled the union. But the Trump administration argued that the changes were insufficient and the Chinese still received special treatment. A 2014 study, cited in a Postal Service analysis of the issue, estimated that discounted shipping cost industrialized nations as much as $2.1 billion a year in aggregate.

Industry groups, even ones that have questioned the president's tariffs on Chinese imports, applauded the move as proportional and targeted.

"Something has to be done", he said.

On Thursday, hundreds of EBay sellers from China advertised women's workout leggings, including ones for little as 76 cents that could be purchased instantly. China has maintained its restraint since the beginning of the ongoing trade war, but that does not mean it is inferior to the United States in capabilities. It cost the USA company $6.30 to ship by regular mail from New Jersey, the company CEO Jayme Smaldone wrote in February.

In the meantime, the United States will be engaging with countries around the world on this issue, the official said.

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A statement from the White House press secretary issued October 17 said that the Department of State has recommended the United States "adopt self-declared rates for terminal dues as soon as practical, and no later than January 1, 2020".

Domestically, the United States is starting the process of a thorough, legal regulatory process of self-declaring rates, which could take effect as early as six months, another official said. The US is classified as a "target" country and China as a "transitional" country.

Officials said a number of countries were benefitting at America's expense, especially China, with which the US has been engaged in a protracted trade war under the current administration.

Information for this article was contributed by Glenn Thrush of The New York Times; by Justin Sink and Alyza Sebenius of Bloomberg News; by Danielle Paquette of The Washington Post; and by Zeke Miller, Martin Crutsinger and Paul Wiseman of The Associated Press.

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