'I think I know more about' North Atlantic Treaty Organisation than Mattis does

Boeing, Lockheed, Raytheon, all these com (panies) - I don't want to hurt jobs.

But when asked during the CBS 60 Minutes conversation recorded on Thursday, if he thought Gen Mattis was heading for the door, the president was circumspect. In perhaps the most contentious part of the interview, Stahl wondered why Trump had such a fondness for Chairman Kim Jong Un, considering his dictatorial and risky behavior. He brought up Hillary Clinton, he defended his mockery of Christine Blasey Ford, and he insisted, twice, that he's "not a baby".

"I don't pledge anything", Trump said.

A preview clip airing Sunday morning on "Face the Nation" featured Trump leaving open the idea that Mattis might be leaving soon. Trump denied allegations that the White House was in "chaos", but told journalist Leslie Stahl he was "changing things around" in his administration. That doesn't mean he believes man has anything to do with the planet's warming though.

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Recently the star also said that he was leaving the social networking, particularly Instagram, for an indefinite period. She's gone through it before, so it's not a completely new experience for the actor and singer.

As much as I loathe Trump's unsafe attitude toward the press, I have to acknowledge that this is just the kind of hot dog move TV interviewers too often make - calling for an on-the-spot promise or pledge when it would be insane in a practical sense for anyone to do so. Something's changing and it'll change back again. I don't think it's a hoax; I think there's probably a difference.

When pressed about consistent rumors that Mattis is close to submitting his resignation, Trump responded: "Well, I don't know".

The Trump administration has experienced an unprecedented turnover rate as compared to past administrations.

Asked about Jamal Khashoggi, Trump said that if the attack was found to be a state-sponsored murder, there would be "severe punishment" for those involved, saying there is "something really bad and disgusting" about murdering a reporter - a view Trump himself said people might be surprised to hear from him. He then credited himself for cooling off the tension that he created with the North Korean madman. "I think I have a great cabinet [but] there are some people I'm not happy with". He added: "I have a good energy with him".

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In addition, he stepped down as chairman of United Kingdom -based satellite TV operator Sky following its sale to Comcast. The stock has sold off more recently in no small part thanks to Musk's tweets in August about taking the company private.

Mr Trump said he had lunch with Mr Mattis two days earlier and Mr Mattis, a retired Marine four-star general, had not told him that he was leaving.

"Trump is a refreshing reminder that the guy that's in the White House is another human being", says Louis Rossetto, the co-founder of Wired and author of the new book Change Is Good: A Story of the Heroic Era of the Internet.

On the old chestnut of RUSSIA MEDDLING IN THE 2016 ELECTION to ensure that Trump won, he scoffed, "Do you really think I'd call Russia to help me with an election?"

Stahl asked Trump if he would pledge not to shut down Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into potential collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation. "I don't pledge anything", he said. "I wish you could go to Greenland", Stahl mused in the brief portion of the interview dealing with climate change, "watch these huge chunks of ice just falling into the ocean, raising the sea levels".

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