"Halloween" boasts biggest opening ever for female-led horror flick

Halloween review – a slasher classic you just can't kill off

New 'Halloween' Has A Record Breaking Opening Weekend

The daughter of legendary Hollywood stars Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh said she stole pills from family and friends, including her sister Kelly.

Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween, the new instalment of the classic horror series.

Halloween, the reboot of the 1978 classic, has made a killing at the USA box office, raking in over $77m (£59m) during its opening weekend.

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As Trump Administration Threatens Transgender Recognition, Florida LGBTQ Group Responds
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In 1978, John Carpenter first unleashed the faceless killer Michael Myers on an unsuspecting population of precocious teenagers, giving rise to the slasher genre and changing the horror landscape forever. Biggest horror movie opening with a female lead.

"I've tried to make that a part of my own personal platform of integrity and transparency".

There's also some deeper cuts like some of the kills being exact replications of frames the original film, the actual creation and production of a "I Wish I Had You All Alone" song (a jingle Jamie Lee and John Carpenter made up on the set of the original), or the subtle inclusion of the children's chorus of chanting that opens the original film.

But whether this represented a sea-change for movie-going was another question. And then you were gonna end that sequence with this young woman, my granddaughter, basically turning on the light and illuminating that we are all back in the closet again. "No one knows anything". The latter is super, incredibly exciting, but I have to suspect that there aren't very many of them: a report from the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film previous year showed that women 50 and older comprised of 13% of movie roles, and sole female protagonists only appeared in 35% of studio features.

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Halloween is directed by David Gordon Green based on a script he wrote with Danny McBride.

For Laurie Strode, it's been a long road back to Haddonfield. A borderline-throwaway moment that finds Laurie humming to herself in the original film, Green recently told Collider, found a fresh homage in the new movie.

That's exactly what Jamie Lee Curtis rightfully did when her movie smashed three, yes THREE, box office records.

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