Nike's Colin Kaepernick campaign sends 'terrible message'

New Nike ad campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick prompts burning response from some fans

Colin Kaepernick's Nike Ad Comes Under Fire as Protesters Set Their Sneakers Aflame

He hasn't played in the NFL since that season and has filed a grievance against the league alleging owners colluded not to sign him.

The hashtag #NikeBoycott was among the top trending topics on Twitter on Tuesday morning, with users posting images of themselves burning and ripping their Nike shoes and apparel. "Even if it means sacrificing everything" above the trademark Nike swoosh. Players responded by protesting en masse.

FORMER San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is part of a new Nike campaign to mark the 30th anniversary of the sporting equipment giant's iconic "Just Do It" slogan.

The panel on The Five reacted Tuesday to Nike's decision to place former quarterback Colin Kaepernick at the center of its newest ad campaign.

"This is not a political post, just a sensible one".

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He also acknowledged that the choice to use Kaepernick was Nike's to make.

Over the weekend, his message came full circle as the star was revealed as a face of Nike's newest advertisement for the 30th anniversary of the "Just Do It" campaign.

Other commentators have noted that Nike, which earned $34.5 billion in annual revenue last financial year, would "be OK" despite the current protests. "They'll be ok", the actor Zach Braff tweeted.

Kaepernick was the first to kneel during the national anthem before NFL games to protest racial inequality and police brutality. Just to be clear, this was NOT a protest against the National Anthem or the USA flag, but against racial injustice.

Kaepernick's cause was taken up by other National Football League players last season, who launched protests that have been repeatedly slammed by US President Donald Trump.

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The irony of people discarding or defacing their (likely expensive) Nike merchandise to protest something they disagreed with was not lost on those who supported Kaepernick and his protests.

The practice of kneeling during the anthem proved divisive a year ago, however, with Trump characterizing it as disrespectful to the USA flag and military.

He also tweeted: "The issue of kneeling has nothing to do with race".

Critics claimed Kaepernick was disrespecting the flag, the anthem and the military.

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