Japan's Hayabusa2 lands on Astroid Ryugu and creates history

Japanese space agency lands rovers on asteroid

The first photos from the surface of an asteroid looks like something from a space horror movie

After the Rovers were unlocked from the apparatus, the probe again gained altitude and took to the initial orbit at an altitude of 20 kilometers from the surface of the Ryuga. In case you missed it, Japan hit a pretty big milestone recently when it successfully landed twin rovers from its Hayabusa2 probe on the Ryugu asteroid.

Japan's Aerospace Exploration Agency, JAXA, shared photos taken by its MINERVA-II1A and MINERVA-II1B from the surface of the asteroid Ryugu on Saturday. It also posted new images that the bots sent back.

Next month Hayabusa2 will deploy an impactor which will explode above the asteroid, to blast a crater into its surface.

B will explore the giant asteroid.

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"I can not find words to express how happy I am that we were able to realize mobile exploration on the surface of an asteroid", project manager Yuichi Tsuda said in a statement.

The space agency also noted that Ryugu is thought to contain water - making it an appropriate namesake of an underwater palace.

"I am so proud that we have established a new method of space exploration for small celestial bodies", said JAXA project manager Yuichi Tsuda.

Yesterday, JAXA said in a tweet that it had lost communication with the rovers after they dropped from the spacecraft. They were deployed from the spacecraft and successfully landed on Ryugu, and both are still in good condition.

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The Hayabusa2 team has clarified the issue in communication is due to the position on the MINERVA - II1.

One of the picture was captured right after separation of the rover from the spacecraft. The two robots will travel across the asteroid by hopping thank to the low gravity of the surface.

The two rovers will be joined at the beginning of October by a third lander called MASCOT to measure the structure of the minerals, thermal behaviour and magnetic properties of the asteroid.

If it works, Hayabusa2 itself can descend to the surface of Ryugu to analyse the underground makeup of the asteroid, and collect some samples to bring home.

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Asteroid Ryugu is a 3,278ft-wide (1km) space rock from the earliest days of the solar system.

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