Fortnite Darkness Rises Season 6 Patch Notes

Fortnite is Now Shrouded in Darkness For Season 6

Fortnite Darkness Rises Season 6 Patch Notes

Quite how Season 6 will unfold has been a feverish point of discussion for Fortnite's millions of players, with theories about how the Battle Royale phenomenon's map might change.

One notable change which isn't easily visible on the map is the addition of 2 houses in Wailing Woods.

Haunted Castle was added to the map, and it's located on top of a hill east of Haunted Hills. Uncover what's in the new Battle Pass, explore an updated island with Pets, and become one with the shadows with a new consumable.

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Our Fortnite Season 6 wiki down below contains guides, tips, tricks, and other general information on everything you need to know about the current season.

As for new items, Fortnite is getting pets - yep, pets. It's now known as the Floating Island.

Heading into Season 6, Loot Lake was one of the least popular locations, mostly due to the openness of it and the difficulty navigating across the deep water.

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Streamer FaZe Agony shared a short video of it on Twitter, which got passed around on social media as other fans noticed the change.

With Season 6, Epic is introducing a new Halloween theme for the game, just in time for Halloween, of course.

There are also a new item called shadow stones, which when consumed turn your into a sort of ghost - you move faster, jump higher, can pass through walls, and turn invisible when you stand still - but you can't use your normal weapons. In this article, we will write down all the map changes in season 6. Harvest season is now upon us and the corn stalks around Fatal Fields are now fully grown, providing a nice hiding place to surprise enemies. The hero and villain bases from Season 4 have also been significantly damaged.

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