Facebook unveils new VR headset 'Oculus Quest' for $399

Oculus Quest is Facebook's next VR headset.                  Screenshot by Scott Stein  CNET

Oculus Quest is Facebook's next VR headset. Screenshot by Scott Stein CNET

"Oculus Quest" offers users the same virtual experience, but now users are able to move more freely while wearing the headset.

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As previously mentioned, the Oculus Quest is supposed to rival the quality found on the higher-quality Rift which is required to be plugged into a computer.

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While the announcement of Oculus Quest was certainly eye catching, with the standalone headset set to launch in Spring 2019 for $399 United States dollars, it was the tech making it all possible that made it all the more impressive. Zuckerberg painted Quest as a key part of Facebook's plan to get 1 billion people to use VR, a goal that he admitted was still far off. Last year's version was still using handheld controllers with integrated touch pads, but the final version will ship with controllers that use Oculus Rift-style thumb sticks and buttons. But to track your position, the headset has four "ultra-light" sensors on the headset's edges, which can register your position in a room relative to your surroundings. It's fairly cheap too, starting at $399 for the 64GB model that comes with Oculus Quest and two Oculus Touch controllers. Oculus Quest will have over 50 titles lined up for launch and it will be available in Spring 2019 for $399 United States dollars. Avatars are being worked on, and later this year it's expected we'll see expressive avatars that have enhanced eye and mouth movements. And today, we're announcing a new, experimental technology to help developers bring their traditional desktop apps to VR: Hybrid Apps.

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Mobile VR headsets - what are your best options? While wearing the headset he is typing on his keyboard to a floating word doc, then starts a meeting in a virtual room that's blended into his real life space. Shipping is slated to begin next spring, and we're certain to hear more about the latest tweaks and titles in the months leading up to its release.

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