Check out the new watch faces for the Apple Watch Series 4

New Apple Watch Series 4 steals the show

Apple launches preorders for new iPhones and watches, some quickly sell out

Apple is cautious about making such direct claims.

The latest version, unveiled Wednesday, is pushing the health envelope even further - in particular by taking electrocardiograms, or EKGs, a feature given clearance by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Apple said.

It looks very impressive, and unlike Apple, has a round watch face, with photorealistic-looking watch faces. Battery life in the new watch remains at 18 hours, meaning it needs a nightly recharge.

The new digital crown has an electrode on its flat edge that works with the electrode on the underside to measure ECG.

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This doesn't meant that the Apple Watch, even in its fourth iteration, is a ideal device.

But design is only one side of the Apple Watch Series 4, and much of the focus here is on health. Apple will tell you that it didn't have strict business ambitions in the health field but that many of its initiatives in the space have happened organically.

The Apple Watch Series 4 Global Positioning System edition starts at $399 (roughly Rs.28,686).

With two of them starting at $999 or higher in the United States, Apple appears to be taking advantage of a strong USA economy, low unemployment, and rising household wealth. It could turn smartwatches "from something people buy for prestige into something they buy for more practical reasons", he said. "We are about to ship our two billionth iOS device", he said.

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Here you can see the new panoramas complication in the center of the screen. A number of hospitals and medical providers are participating. The technology used to flag potential heart problems is more complex - and closer to what physicians use in diagnostic tests - than the heart rate trackers used now by Apple, Fitbit and other wearable device makers. The study is ongoing.

For people like Kuhlmeyer, Apple serves as a consummate technological producer. Those who elect to pick up their Watch at an Apple store need only wait until September 21, when the Series 4 becomes available for purchase in stores.

The heart rate data can easily be shared with doctors with a PDF file. The group, which identifies itself as an "an independent, volunteer panel of national experts in prevention and evidence-based medicine", added that there is "insufficient" evidence for adults with medium or higher risks. Apple says it will educate you when you first start using the app, but that process was not previewed in advance. The Apple Watch Series 4 comes in two new sizes - 40mm and 44mm compared to the Series 3's 38mm and 42mm. Photos are great approximations of how Apple Watches sit on someone else's wrists, and until they're on yours, it's nearly impossible to judge. It relies on the device's accelerometer and gyroscope. Or you can tap an emergency SOS button to solicit assistance. Furthermore, once a hard fall is confirmed the watch will share location details and a text message to selected contacts. The watch will also watch for irregular heartbeats and can detect when the wearer has fallen, the company said.

Apple's watch will use new sensors on the back and on the watch dial.

New Apple Watch Series 4 unveiled, bigger screen, faster processing
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