'Captain Marvel' Trailer Debuts, Shows Brie Larson in Action

The trailer for 'Captain Marvel' will likely drop this week

Captain Marvel Trailer Introduces Carol Danvers To The MCU

Well, that looks pretty solid.

Captain Marvel trailer was revealed on Good Morning America on Wednesday morning, with star Brie Larson in attendance. She's amusing, but doesn't always tell good jokes. She will return to earth to fight the Skrulls - Marvel villains who have shape-shifting abilities - with Ben Mendelsohn as their leader. "Never occured to me that one might come from above". Scrapping the usual origin formula, the film will jump straight into Captain Marvel's character - with the story seeing her dragged down to Earth, away from her successful career in Starforce.

Captain Marvel has been billed as the most powerful hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and she's expected to play a big role in the ongoing conflict with Thanos that began in Infinity War earlier this year.

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The movie will mark the penultimate installment of MCU's Phase 3 which concludes with Anthony and Joe Russo's untitled Avengers follow-up to Infinity War next May. But by scene's end, we did catch a glimpse of his pager's screen, showing Captain Marvel's logo. The preview shows Brie Larson up to the task as Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers.

Now, however, those feelings of disappointment have been erased by the debut of the first Captain Marvel trailer. As suspected she is having troubles remembering the life she had on earth before she got her powers and became the member of the Starforce, an interstellar organisation that is led by Jude Law's still mysterious character.

Check out the Captain Marvel poster below.

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In the almost two-minute trailer, which Marvel Studios posted on Twitter on Tuesday (September 18), Larson can be seen battling alien forces-and at one point punching a pensioner-and trying to figure out her mysterious past.

So what can we glean from the movie based on what we've seen? The movie will be released on March 8, 2019 in the US.

"We can't do this alone, we need you", Fury says. It's important, then, to counterbalance that with someone who feels real.

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We'll also get to see much younger versions of Nick Fury, still played by Samuel L. Jackson and Phil Coulson, who hasn't appeared in a theatrical MCU installment since 2012's The Avengers.

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