Wisconsin's five-day sales tax holiday begins Wednesday

Ohio to have a sales-tax holiday

Do's and Don'ts: WI sales tax holiday

Starting Wednesday, the Badger State is having a "sales tax holiday", meaning certain items are exempt from the state's 5 percent sales tax.

If an item of clothing qualifies for the exemption under the "sales tax holiday", then all adjustment charges associated with that sale are exempt. See more about Missouri's tax-free holiday weekend here.

Natalie Wakefield said her family always shops during tax-free weekend.

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For example, if a retailer sells a computer during the sales tax holiday for $2,000 and also charges $55 to deliver the computer, then the entire charge of $2,055 is exempt from the sales or use tax.

For the impulse buyers out there, there is no rule that purchases made during Tax Free Weekend have to be final.

When tax-free weekends come, it takes a little bit off.

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The sales tax holiday was created as a way to ease the financial burden of some large yearly purchases, such as back-to-school supplies and clothes. "It's very heavily trafficked, and right now our traffic is trending up so we are expecting more than a year ago". "It's also big because it's right before fair, so everybody is wanting to rush in and get their back to school shopping finished". So it definitely can help them save a little bit of money.

The study also found that OH counties that border other states experienced a 15.48 percent increase in sales tax collection, leading to the conclusion that many out-of-state families traveled to OH to take part in the tax holiday. That includes clothing, shoes, school supplies and some electronics.

The tax holiday qualifies for personal-use items only.

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School instructional materials are defined by the state tax department as, "reference books, reference maps and globes, textbooks and workbooks".

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