Partial Solar Eclipse on Aug 11, not visible in India

Suryagrahan 2018 Partial Eclipse Timing Significance Myths and Precautions

Solar eclipse will be visible in southern China on Saturday

The partial solar eclipse is expected to take place during early hours of August 11, but only some parts of the planet will be able to witness it.

According to the American Astrological Society (AAS), partial solar eclipses can be very unsafe to look at with the naked eye.

Almost a year after the Great American Total Solar Eclipse put on a show for millions of skywatchers across the USA, the moon again made its way in front of the sun for viewers in a different part of the world.

4 A partial eclipse of the setting Sun awed stargazers in China on Saturday night.

The Greeks believed that a solar eclipse was a sign of angry gods and could portend natural disasters. While in a lunar eclipse, the Earth comes in between the moon and the sun.

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In 2018, the first eclipse was the super blue blood moon on January 31 followed by a partial solar eclipse on the February 15.

The eclipse with be across the northern hemisphere, with the best view stretching over Siberia and far-northeastern Canada.

Also, the negative impact of an Eclipse can feel people who undergo the treatment from any disease.

The Sun will be partially "eaten" by the shadow of the Moon, making this event the last solar eclipse of the year and it is tomorrow! It will take place on Saturday, August 11.

The solar Eclipse on 11 August will be partial, and such minor changes in the sky can seriously affect the health of certain segments of the population.

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China's CGTN news service hosted a live webcast of the August 11 solar eclipse.

The peak of the partial eclipse was at 9.46am UT (10.46am BST) and ended at 11.30am UT (12.30pm BST).

An eclipse occurs when sun, moon and earth are aligned in a straight line.

Where can you see it?

What time is the solar eclipse?

Nasa advises to use eye protection like special eclipse glasses should be used to witness the solar eclipse.

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With regard to the maximum phase of a partial Eclipse, it will be registered in the district of the East Siberian sea, near Wrangel island.

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