Michael Wilbon Rips Jalen Ramsey For Quarterback Trash Talk

Jalen Ramsey Josh Allen is Trash

Jalen Ramsey Josh Allen is Trash

I don't care what nobody says.

"I think Allen is trash", said Ramsey. He's trash. And it's gonna show.

Ramsey, a top-five pick who has lived up to the hype and expectations, has quickly become arguably the best cover man in the NFL. I ain't never heard of him. "That's a stupid draft pick to me", Ramsey said.

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"I've played for 11 years". The 23-year-old, who manages to get under opponents' skin every time he's on the field - just ask Bengals receiver A.J. Green - is now serving a one-week suspension for profanities and a threat aimed at media members following a scuffle among teammates.

And they won't face each other this week during joint practices either because Ramsey is - coincidentally - suspended by the team for a week for comments he made about Jacksonville's local media.

Though her husband escaped Ramsey's harshest criticisms - Ramsey doesn't think Detroit's signal-caller is "the best quarterback out there" - GQ senior editor Chris Gayomali addressed Kelly's thoughts on Twitter, writing, "Kelly Stafford out here playing entire concertos with a dog whistle ... impressive". After bashing guys like Joe Flacco and Josh Allen, he actually had some positive words for Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota.

Turkish lira edges up from record low
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Manning was asked about Ramsey's quote Wednesday, initially electing to ignore the comment before offering a jokingly verbal jab back, according to Scott Thompson of Sportsnet New York.

On Eli Manning: "It's not really Eli". "I don't care what nobody say".

On Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethelisberger, Ramsey called him "decent at best", saying that he lets his receivers go get passes he throws, but did say he will be in the Hall of Fame. "He was doing what was asked of him and it was making him look really, really good". I think in crunchtime moments, like last year's playoff game - not as a team, because we would have trusted him - but I think as an organization, we should have trusted him more to keep throwing it.

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Falcons' Matt Ryan "What's the Atlanta quarterback's name?" There's no way that should ever happen.

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