Magnitude 7.0 hits Indonesia's Lombok island; 39 killed

The earthwuake sent shockwaves maeasuring a magnitude of 7 on the richter scale

The earthwuake sent shockwaves measuring a magnitude of 7 on the richter scale

There are no reports so far of any Australians being killed or injured in the quake that hit Lombok and Bali, despite it being a popular tourist destination for Australians.

Hundreds of tourists were evacuated from Mt Rinjani after the July 29 quake.

There are now nine New Zealanders registered as being on Lombok.

Travellers at the global airports in Lombok and Bali were thrown into panic and there was minor damage to the buildings but operations were not disrupted, officials said.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade said the New Zealand Embassy in Jakarta was working to get more information following today's natural disaster on the island.

They can also contact the New Zealand embassy if they need assistance.

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There are reports that one Australian man's house was destroyed in Senggigi in northwest Lombok after it collapsed, but that the man, his wife and son were safe having previously fled up a mountain to wait out tsunami warnings.

"The main damage to buildings as a result of the quake occurred on the other side of the island away from the main tourist beaches of Lombok".

Overall 447 New Zealanders are registered as being in Indonesia.

Teresa said she had "never felt anything so strong before" as she stayed in a treehouse which was "shaking violently" with her husband and two young children.

The quake was also felt in Bali and Indonesia, and prompted a tsunami warning for the region.

"As with any natural disaster we encourage our customers at the destination to exercise caution, listen carefully to and follow the direction of local authorities".

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At least 82 people were killed and hundreds were wounded, with thousands of buildings damaged.

Residents in Mataram described a strong jolt that sent people scrambling out of buildings.

Hotels and resorts in Lombok appear to be operating as normal but some visitors have chosen to leave, Matson said. There are parts of Lombok without power, he said.

Indonesia was hit by a massive quake Sunday that reportedly killed almost 40 people-a week after an natural disaster in the region killed more than a dozen people.

Most of Lombok suffered power cuts, local media reported.

Bali's worldwide airport suffered damage inside the terminal but the runway was unaffected and operations had returned to normal, disaster agency officials said.

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